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Halloween 2012 : Tricks and Treats for the Perfect Halloween Make Up

BOO! Did I scare you? I bet I did.  No?  Oh well… how are you all?  Can you believe it is that time of year already?  I do love Halloween – the one day in the year where your nail varnish is allowed to be chipped and your make up isn’t meant to look perfect – although if you’re anything like me it often takes longer to put on than any normal day! So whilst I am sitting here secretly munching on the Haribo sweets that have been bought for the forthcoming trick or treaters (shhhhh don’t tell anyone –

Five of my Favourite……Hand Creams

Summer has long gone, the leaves are falling and the rain has put its wellies on and settled in for the autumn / winter. The good news is that it is the time where we can snuggle up to our loved ones – holding hands whilst strolling through the park kicking up leaves and cuddling up in front of a fire with a hot chocolate are moments we should savour.  The not so good news is that because of the cold weather and the central heating drying them out, our hands can suffer and therefore are in need of some

Staycation Survival Guide

Hello, Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening / Good Day! How are you? Thank you so much for coming back to see me – I must say you're looking particularly lovely today! Have you got your fluffy pyjamas, bootee slippers and cosy dressing gown on today? Isn't it gorgeous weather? Well, when you're reading this it may be so if it is then hurrah, but I am currently listening to the rain batter against the window whilst dunking my one too many hob nobs into my hot chocolate (I won't tell you how many I've had, its embarassing

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Hello, good Morning / Good Afternoon and welcome!! How are you? Well I hope…..are you settled? Got a brew (and a cheeky biscuit?!) I’m going to take you on a journey today – one which I recently embarked upon myself and I am still thoroughly enjoying! It all started last year whilst on a mooch round the Trafford Centre (a dangerous plight!) and I found myself sailing down the escalators in Debenhams towards the wonderful world of beauty products and sensuous smells – and what a world it is – make up that oozes their fine ingredients and scream out

Beat the Beauty Emergencies – 5 Tips to speed things up!

Siren 150x150 Well hello hello!!! How are you?! Did you have a nice weekend?  I'm stressed – I'll share that with you now because it will help explain my blog today......... I don't know how you feel about this but I think I have a thief that comes into my bedroom at night and steals about 4 hours of the following day and he (definitely a man – sorry men!) MUST come and pay me a visit at the weekend because there is never enough time! Its not like I want to do loads – just the usual going to work, going

Review: Nail Varnishes from the Active Glamour Cosmetics Blockbuster Set

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Guten Tag, Bonjourno and all the other ways to say Hello!!  How are you all? Well? I hope so! Have you brought a cup of tea with you? Or coffee? Or if you're anything like me and don't like either, hot chocolate or a splash of vimto? (Not together, but I do love both!) Anyway, get settled whilst I let you in on one of my first beauty bargain finds of this journey..... As I mentioned earlier this week I had a lot of fun at the weekend trying out various bits and pieces from the

Top 10 Autumn Hair Trends

Hello hello!! You're back! Welcome, come in, settle down and enjoy my blog – if you're a new visitor then what has taken you so long??!  As promised last week, I have been furiously studying the latest hair trends to give you a 'head start' (hahahahaha, did you like that??! ) as we come into Autumn / Winter 2012 – lets get those head turning and eyebrows raised with the latest styles fresh from the catwalk! For once, I'm going to keep the chat to a minimum so the styles can do themselves justice....I will be letting you know what

Let’s Get Active!

Good Morning / Afternoon / Day my lovely readers!! How are you? Now, don't be scared by the title of this blog, you will not be breaking a sweat or even moving a muscle throughout this blog – so pack those trainers away, grab a cup of tea (and maybe a couple of cheeky biscuits) and settle down to read my latest review on the new ACTIVE cosmetics range that is a perfect stocking filler (although perhaps slightly too large?!) and so much more! This ACTIVE Glamour Blockbuster Set contains the following : Eye shadow - 3x palettes Compact powder/Blusher

The 11th Commandment – Thou shalt cleanse, tone & moisturise every day……but why??!

The 11th Commandment Square Hello, Good Afternoon and welcome back! Or if you're new to my blog, thank you for joining me ! I must say you're looking more beautiful than normal today! Have you done something with your hair? Make up? No?  Oooooooh it must be because you have a strict skincare routine that you follow every morning and it makes your skin look radiant, shiny and like you've had 8 hours sleep even when you may not have done??! WHAT??! No?! No, me neither – if you're anything like me then you will have heard the various big cheeses in the skin

Autumn & Winter Make Up Trends

Hello, and a very Good Afternoon / Morning!! How are all you beautiful people? Well I hope?  So summer has sadly come to an end and its time for the dark night, dull days and cold temperatures to return for what always seems like a very long time......however its not all bad news!! A change in season can only mean one thing – a change in trends!!  And, like the magic fairy that I like to think I am, I thought I would share with you a summary of the latest make up trends that have come fresh from the