The One & Only Female Boss

Good Morning and Hello!!  Welcome!!  Hope you’re well? So the typical (British) summer has long gone, the dark nights are setting in and this can only mean one thing – Autumn/Winter TV schedules are back with loads of good things to watch!

I love the sun don’t get me wrong but I’m not unrealistic in thinking we’re going to be showered with it and therefore I LOVE nothing more than getting in my comfy pyjamas on the sofa with my boys (that would be P and Oscar the custest cat ever – oooh lets call them P & O from now on like the ferry! You like that?!) with a glass of wine.

I mean at least we know how to handle the cold, dark, often wet nights – stock up on jumpers and embrace the comfy sofa no?! For me, weekends are definitely my favourite – and there is nothing I enjoy more than a few hours of the long running reality TV show the X Factor.

Now I know your opinions will probably be split on this subject but I personally love the programme. I am not ashamed to admit that I have shed many a tear as I am just a big softie, it also represents the start of the lead up to Christmas (and my Birthday) and who doesn’t love that? Ok admittedly it is several weeks away yet but it gets me excited anyway! Many a judge has come and gone and I have been sad but I think the panel at the moment is exceptional – a lovely bit of eye candy that is Gary Barlow, the old faithful that is Louis Walsh and Miss Independent – Tulisa Contostavlos.

The Adventures of Tulisa

When I heard that she was going to be judging I will be honest and admit that I wasn’t sure at first, I hadn’t heard that much about her just knew a few of her songs but I think the X Factor has really brought her into her own and she has now established herself as a very reputable pop star, career woman with a sprinkle of flair and zest – I’d like to think that its very similar to me, except I cannot sing!! One of her latest ventures has been, like so many other celebrities, to launch a celebrity fragrance called ‘The Female Boss‘ (as per her tattoo on her arm that she displays on the X Factor’ and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle so I thought I would share my thoughts with you!

Now I have several bottles of perfume in my collection (on last count it was over 40) but it was brough to my attention recently that not one of them was a ‘celebrity fragrance’.

This isn’t really on purpose, its just my personal taste – I want to buy a fragrance from an established perfume designer, one who has had years of experience and knows whats important in a fragrance and spends hours of time and energy in creating what they believe to be ‘the perfect scent’.


To me, celebrities are just that – in the spotlight, singers, actors, musicians, reality TV stars but how many of them have vast knowledge of the perfume world? Now I’m not deluded in thinking that they create their perfumes alone, I know they don’t they will have a perfume house to help them brand, create and developed an idea whether it be theirs or that of the celebrity and born is a celebrity fragrance.

And what a saturated market that is too – I think that also puts me off – I can’t think of many celebrities who haven’t released a fragrance, it just feels like its an easy way to make money and high fives to them, but I would rather invest my money elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not meaning to sound snobbish I have a list of celebrities that I love to watch, listen to, read about etc – and I pay money to do that – but no, wearing ‘their’ scent isn’t for me. I like to think of myself as a leader, not a follower so if everyone is about creating a perfume then its probably a market I will tend to stay clear of just for that reason.

So now you know my opinion, lets get on with the matter in hand – this is what the perfume looks like

Tulisa perfume poster

At first glance the bottle is quite cool – for one it is purple which is my favourite colour and I also like the shape along with the modern graffiti style writing that represents her background and what she believes in (from what I gather from the X Factor, not because she is on my speed dial! Sadly…..)

And to be honest there is no but – I was really pleasantly surprised and I am always happy to be proven wrong (in these sorts of situations!) “I wanted a fragrance that I could relate to. Something powerful without losing its girlieness,” Tulisa explained. “I wanted to be able to wear it day and night. This fragrance will really give the girls the confidence to show those boys who is boss! And you can’t help but feel slightly empowered when spritzing it on. It has a floral, spicy and slightly woody fragrance and although it is a rather powerful scent when first applied the notes soon settle down into a fragrance that isn’t immediately apparent but it lingers on you all day alsmot to remind you that its all about ‘Girl Power’.

At a bargain £17.95 for 100ml this would make an ideal stocking filler for any female relative who loves the X Factor, is in need of a confidence boost or just loves a lovely smell! So girls, take my advice – get a bottle of this in your life and show those around you exactly who is boss!

Enjoy the snuggles, lots of love

Suzanne xXx

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