Autumn & Winter Make Up Trends

Hello, and a very Good Afternoon / Morning!! How are all you beautiful people? Well I hope?  So summer has sadly come to an end and its time for the dark night, dull days and cold temperatures to return for what always seems like a very long time……however its not all bad news!!

A change in season can only mean one thing – a change in trends!!  And, like the magic fairy that I like to think I am, I thought I would share with you a summary of the latest make up trends that have come fresh from the catwalk during the summer fashion season!

The first thing I noted is that there was no shortage of colour on the catwalks. A fabulous piece of advice I was given  recently was:

“Remember that make up isn’t permanent – it can always be taken off as easily as it is put on so don’t be shy!!”

Something that I am determined to do by the end of this year (that wasn’t meant to sound so dramatic but there really aren’t that many weeks left – or rather I don’t have that many free days / free weekends left but that isn’t the fault of the calendar!)  is spend some time experimenting with the (hoards of) make up I own – colours, styles, trends, night time looks, day time looks – for example how many people wear lip stick or lip gloss to work?

Admittedly I don’t spend THAT long on my make up on a morning so I can have a few extra minutes in bed – but as you will discover it is a fairly simple regime. I do take care to make sure my eyes look bright and colourful, a bit of colour on my cheeks….but I always forget my lips!  No wonder they go dry and demand lip balm!  Am I the only one who does that? Please someone tell me I’m not alone??

With winged liner, peacock-coloured shadow and blue mascara all making an appearance, eyes are a big autumn/winter story. So whether you opt to base your style on Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton’s daring “morning-after” eyes or Michael Kors and Mulberry’s pretty flushed cheeks, autumn/winter 2012-13’s beauty trends should offer something for everyone.

Here are my top 5 for today – if you’re really good then I’ll let you in on the top 5 hair trends for this forth coming season too next week!



Heavy black, disconnected lines, triangular flicks and geisha-style monochrome eyes – classic flicked eyeliner was given a modern update.

Style Secret : True Gold Eyeliner Black Glitter


The smoky eye is a winter trend almost every year, but this time around the look was presented in new and interesting colourways. It was green, purple,bronze, grey, golden brown and emerald that made up the key looks on the catwalk this year.

Style Secret: Bourjois Smoky Eyes Brown Eyeshadows 3 x 1.5g


Pretty flushed cheeks give you the look of having just come inside from the cold.

Style Secrets : Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush 


Azure eyeliner flicks, blue mascara and orange, blue and green shadow – primary brights on the eyes keep beauty looks fun and playful.

Style Secrets : Helena Rubinstein Surrealist Mascara in Blue


So I know I said flushed cheeks were a trend a few seconds ago, but life is never straight forward, is it??! There also seemed to be an abundance of super-pale faces completely free of blush or bronzer and paired with nude lips and pared-back eyes. The ethereal look was most seemingly popular as was the blush-free faces that were paired with dramatic eye looks. Another trend that was the use of WHITE amongst the make up – on the eyes or for contouring on the cheeks and temples, apparently white is the way forward.

Style Secrets : Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow White

Style Secrets : Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Lip Stick 

So have I inspired you? Are you now doing the same as me and staring at your make up collection wondering how you can feel so on trend and yet seem to have worn the same face of make up for the last decade? Occassionally changing the brand of make up that you use but never daring to use different colours, styles or products??! Well if that is you, or even if it isn’t then NOW is time for a change – I challenge you to change one product in your beauty / make up regime and see how it makes you feel – if you use neutrals on the eyes then try a vibrant purple or a sparkly green, if you always wear black mascara try blue and if you wear a tinge of blusher why not get one a little more vibrant – see how the world reacts – I bet you’ll be surprised! I’ll be doing it too so I’ll report back in the next few weeks about how it went down!

See you very soon!  Keep safe, have fun, stay warm.

Lots of love

Suzanne xXx

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