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Good Morning / Afternoon / Day my lovely readers!! How are you? Now, don’t be scared by the title of this blog, you will not be breaking a sweat or even moving a muscle throughout this blog – so pack those trainers away, grab a cup of tea (and maybe a couple of cheeky biscuits) and settle down to read my latest review on the new ACTIVE cosmetics range that is a perfect stocking filler (although perhaps slightly too large?!) and so much more!

This ACTIVE Glamour Blockbuster Set contains the following :

  • Eye shadow – 3x palettes

  • Compact powder/Blusher – 3x palettes

  • Mascara – black & brown

  • Lip gloss – 3x double ended

  • Lipstick – 4x

  • Nail polish – 4x

  • Eye liner – 1x

  • Lip liner – 1x

  • Sharpener – 2x

  • Blusher brush – 2x

  • Eyelash/brow comb

  • Eye brush applicator

  • Please read care instructions

And comes at a retail price of £12.70!

Now, I won’t lie to you – its no Dior, Mac or Lancome – but I can honestly say I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by the overall quality of what I sampled. When I was first asked to try this set my nose scrunched up and I counted how many items there were against the price and wondered if a chemical reaction was going to take place when I put it on my skin! I am pleased to report that nothing of the sort happened! Soi I thought I would share my findings with you and let you know what was just so good (and maybe not so much) about this set!

Here is a picture of the items that I tried out, and a before picture of me (ouch!)

'Before' Make Up Face

I chose to put my own foundation on, which consisted of some tinted moisturiser, concealer and a touch of powder to set the base.

I then used a variety of the brown eye shadows, the brown eyeliner and mascara on my eyes, the blusher (& shimmery highlighter!) on the cheeks and then the lipstick with the lip gloss on my lips.

And this is the result :

'After' Profile Photo Using Active Make Up

'After' photo whilst using Active Make Up

The first photo is inside the house (the eyes are closed so you can appreciate the eyeshadow, not because I am asleep!) and the second photo is taken outside.

 The Positives

  • The eyeshadow was easy to apply and didn’t require a lot for it to be effective – I really liked the subtle golden glitter and the variety of colours that were available, plus they were easy to blend to create my own shade.
  • Each blusher pallette comes with 3 smaller squares that I used to highlight the cheekbone and I think it worked rather well! I loved all the different shades of blusher too so depending on what mood you’re in how pink you make your cheeks!
  • The lipstick was really moist and almost felt like lip balm when I put it on – I found that it lasted a lot longer than some lipsticks that I have used in the past and the accompanying lip glosses were perfect to compliment and enhances my lips!
  • No one in their right mind can deny that this set is extremely, massively value for money for all the individual items that you get – and there are even pencil sharpeners too!

 The Negatives

  • The brushes weren’t the best quality – they did their job and the eye lash separator was fine but I would maybe invest in a decent eyeshadow brush if you are wanting anything long term – the blusher brush was quite soft so it meant that quite a bit of blusher crumbled and was wasted when getting enough on the brush.
  • The eyeliner only comes in brown in this set – it was fine to apply once it got going but it did feel like I was colouring my face in at one point!
  • The mascara wasn’t the best quality – although I liked the selection in brown or black.


So there you are – and I am pleased to see that I have more positives than negatives to say about this set! I think it is absolutely perfect for a young teenager who is taking their early steps into the beauty world, maybe a daughter, niece or best friend at christmas or for anyone who is looking for a make up starter kit or something to bulk up what they already have!

Annnnnd, because I am feeling so ACTIVE this week – I’ve even tested the nail varnishes for you too – check in later this week to read what I thought about those! Have fun until then!

Sending lots of love, hugs and warm cuddles!!

Suzanne xXx

PS I’ve had the lipstick and the lip gloss on the whole time I’ve been writing this and its still on! Granted iv not had much to drink, but 4.15 in the afternoon is a tad early for wine……….at work……..no??!! 😀

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