Top 10 Autumn Hair Trends

Hello hello!! You’re back! Welcome, come in, settle down and enjoy my blog – if you’re a new visitor then what has taken you so long??!  As promised last week, I have been furiously studying the latest hair trends to give you a ‘head start’ (hahahahaha, did you like that??! ) as we come into Autumn / Winter 2012 – lets get those head turning and eyebrows raised with the latest styles fresh from the catwalk!

For once, I’m going to keep the chat to a minimum so the styles can do themselves justice….I will be letting you know what there is available on the market so you’re not alone in the hair styling world – don’t worry, I’m not sneaking off anywhere (well maybe to the toilet or the biscuit tin) – I’ll be back to say bye!!

Top 10 Autumn Hair Trends

SLEEK SIDE PARTINGS – Neat and sleek, the side partings lend a chic minimalism that let the clothes speak for themselves.

Stylist Secret : Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hairtherapy Sensitive Soothe Scalp Serum


The bigger the better!! If you’re going to brave the fringe then make sure it makes a bold statement – careful not to have it too big so it covers up any gorgeous eye make up though!


Dishevelled and matte in texture, windswept hair looks are in abundance – style your hair so that strands fall loosely in your faces as if blown by a gust of wind.

Stylist Secret : Clynol Move Free Flow Flexible Hairspray


Pastel hair was huge on the spring/summer 2012 catwalks, but for autumn/winter 2012-13 designers opted for the dip dye. A whole host of colour combinations were on show, or go wild and reverse the look so that it is the roots that are dyed.


Vintage-looking twisted and pinned styles, sixties bouffants and prim flicked bobs – retro hairstyles found their way onto catwalks in all four fashion capitals.

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Pretty, girly and an opportunity to buy more accessories – opulent jewelled hairbands and knotted versions were a key ingredient in the fashion mix for this year.


Somewhere between wavy and straight – and with a natural-looking parting – style the hair with a casual, no-nonsense appeal which means we should all get at least 15 extra minutes in bed each morning during autumn/winter 2012-13.

Stylist Secret : Do exactly what the style says – nothing!! Or if you’re like me and have to put something on your hair, then go for something like this :

Tigi Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray


They aren’t exactly a new trend, I know, but ponytails have been all over the place once more for this season – sleek and worn lower than last autumn/winter’s dominatrix styles please.


Romantic plaited looks or a more urban take on the trend where plaits trail over the shoulders. Play with the style and go for a bun that has been plaited, or style your hair so it is twisted and pinned for a Pre-Raphaelite charm.

Stylist Secret : Tigi Catwalk Camera Ready Shiner & Defrizzer 100ml Spray


Simple, neat and pretty or plaited and twisted – can’t go wrong with a bun in the hair to be bang on trend and up-to-date with the current catwalk fashion.


So – are you inspired? Are you jumping straight into the shower and spending the next 3 hours trying out all the various different styles? Hopefully I’ve provided something for everyone on this top 10 – go on, be daring and try something new this week – if people make comments or question what you do then it is only because they’re clearly not as up to date as you are! Let me know how it goes too! As ever I will be trying something new and I will let you know how I get on very soon!

Until then, let me know if you have any other styles to add to the list and have a lovely rest of the week!

Lots of cuddles to you lovely people

Suzanne xXx

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