Review: Nail Varnishes from the Active Glamour Cosmetics Blockbuster Set

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Guten Tag, Bonjourno and all the other ways to say Hello!!  How are you all? Well? I hope so! Have you brought a cup of tea with you? Or coffee? Or if you’re anything like me and don’t like either, hot chocolate or a splash of vimto? (Not together, but I do love both!)

Anyway, get settled whilst I let you in on one of my first beauty bargain finds of this journey…..

As I mentioned earlier this week I had a lot of fun at the weekend trying out various bits and pieces from the Active Glamour Blockbuster Set and one of those things were the nail varnishes – and out of everything in the box it was probably this that I was most impressed with.

Now I have a love / hate relationship with nail varnish (sorry, just stopping for an oreo snack – you should do the same!) I have quite the collection from various makes – from George at Asda to Nails Inc and I have been impressed, disappointed, annoyed and at times just frustrated!

I did think until recently that the cheaper nail varnishes were more likely to chip and the more expensive £11 bottles (!!!!! I can assure you that I’ll be exploring this topic further) may as well be cement on your fingers, but I have been most disappointed with one from Nails Inc recently (the £11 bottle!) and to date, these two little gems from Active have been amongst those that have impressed me the most!

Now, dont get me wrong, I do own some cheap nail varnishes that do chip after not very long and are generally not brilliant – but I am currently typing at the end of day 4 from wearing these nail varnishes (yes I do have a different colour on each hand but that is how I roll!) and I am nowhere near the stage of embarassment where I-wish-I-carried-nail-varnish-remover-and-cotton-wool-pads-around-with-me-at-all-times-because-how-can-I-face-the-world-or-talk-to-anyone-with-hands-like-these, which is pleasing! I also had a lovely colleague and a dear friend of mine to test the other two colours that are in the box but I shan’t overload you with photos or information – here are the best photos and the results!

These are the colours that were chosen and the initial photos after the nail varnish application :

Bottle 1

A photo of the nail varnish once painted on nails

Bottle 2

A close up of the nail varnish colour & brush



Colour of nail varnish once the nails have been painted


  • This nail varnish would look perfectly acceptable after only 1 coat, however as with most nail varnishes for it to dazzle and sparkle then it looks better with 2.
  • The brushes varied from being ok to really good – the one I had for example had a stray hair but I didn’t find that it affected the application at all.
  • The colour on the nail looks exactly the same as that in the bottle after applying 2 coats
  • It dries in 2 minutes! No, really, it does, one of the fastest drying nail varnishes I have ever tried – I suppose it should be from the active range (tehehehe)
  • The consistency was very impressive, not watery at all and was smooth to apply – if being really critical then it could be commented that it is the tiniest bit streaky but seriously to the naked eye I actually feel like I’m wearing one of my all time favourite nail varnishes from Ruby & Millie.
  • A really pretty selection of colours to choose from, nothing too garish and ‘out there’ and there are 4 in the box with the whole box costing just £12.70 (including lots of make up!)


  • I don’t really have any! No seriously, I don’t – and what little things I did have I have mentioned above.

So there you have it – I think these nail varnishes are ace – I would go so far as to say that the £12.70 is money well spent on the nail varnishes alone, and look at all the other stuff that comes with it! I mean, they aren’t massive bottles but I will be sporting these colours for the forseeable future and I am happy to add them into my collection – in fact I am going to throw out some of the more rubbish ones to make room for them! Not at all gloopy, perfect as a stocking filler (in factperfect for people with lots of kids / teenagers to buy for – this whole set is ideal for you – split it into stockings!) or for anyone who takes pride in their appearance and likes to make their nails something of a feature rather than hide them away.

So, cup of tea / coffee / hot stuff finished? Oreos eaten? (*sniff*) Then I’ll leave you be – I am off to do more investigating into the world of nail varnishes – I have a feeling that I will have a lot to say on various issues attached to this industry and I immensly look forward to sharing my thoughts with you! As always, let me know what you think too!!

Until then, have fun, lots of love, cuddles and warm fuzzy things



Quuuiiiiick – come back!!! I nearly forgot!! I’ve just taken a photo of the nails in day 4 in case you wanted to see just how good they still are – I promise wholeheartedly that they haven’t been tampered with since the weekend!

Nail Varnish 4 days later


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