Beat the Beauty Emergencies – 5 Tips to speed things up!

Well hello hello!!! How are you?! Did you have a nice weekend?  I’m stressed – I’ll share that with you now because it will help explain my blog today………

I don’t know how you feel about this but I think I have a thief that comes into my bedroom at night and steals about 4 hours of the following day and he (definitely a man – sorry men!) MUST come and pay me a visit at the weekend because there is never enough time! Its not like I want to do loads – just the usual going to work, going to the gym, eating, sleeping and a bit of organising and socialising thrown into the mix for good measure! No matter what time I get out of bed, how much I plan I can never seem to get everything done!

And breeeeeeathe – but anyway in the meantime I’ve been doing some research into how one can save time and have that extra 5 minutes in bed (and thus go to bed 5 minutes later at night and have 5 more minutes to get more done?!) and I’ve found some tips to speed things up in the morning! Now, admittedly as a soap & water girl (at the moment) and allowing myself about 30 minutes in the morning, these tips may not all be applicable – but if I can help just one of you lovely people out there relax a bit more then my job here is done!

So here are my 5 Top Tips to speed up the beauty emergencies!

1.  Fake Tan Disasters

Wear rubber gloves when applying fake tan to stop your hands getting colour on them.

2. Stop the Spots

In order to avoid an outbreak of spots, exfoliate your skin regularly. If you leave dead cells sitting around, they’ll clog pores and cause eruptions.

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3.  Overplucked & Thin Eyebrows

If you’ve been a bit tweezer happy and the result is over plucked and thin brows, fill them in using short strokes both with and against your natural hair growth – this enables you to properly colour them in. Avoid black though – it’s too harsh unless you’re naturally very dark. Be careful when plucking – take a few hairs from each brow at a time, going back and forth between the two, and never pluck from above – this will ruin their natural shape.

4.  Fight the Frizz

Serum goes a long way in making frizzy, split ends look shiny and healthy to miraculously give you the feeling of freshly cut hair, but apply a little every day and you’ll definitely see some improvement. Regular hair cuts are best for reducing fuzzy ends and treat your hair with a conditioning mask once or twice a week.

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5. Gloopy Eyeliner

If you struggle with gloopy eyeliner, dab a cotton wool bud in some make up remover – not much stops eyeliner from going gloopy in the waterline of your eyes, but keeping it away from the inner corners of your eyes will help. Failing that, apply kohl around the outside of your lashes instead.


Hope this helps – I’m off to get a camomile tea, put on my pyjamas and catch up on one of my few guilty pleasures that is The Only Way is Essex – Love it!!

See you soon! Lots of love & hugs

Suzanne xXx

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