All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Hello, good Morning / Good Afternoon and welcome!! How are you? Well I hope…..are you settled? Got a brew (and a cheeky biscuit?!) I’m going to take you on a journey today – one which I recently embarked upon myself and I am still thoroughly enjoying!

It all started last year whilst on a mooch round the Trafford Centre (a dangerous plight!) and I found myself sailing down the escalators in Debenhams towards the wonderful world of beauty products and sensuous smells – and what a world it is – make up that oozes their fine ingredients and scream out to you ‘buy me, buy me’, smells that mingle into a cloud of utter delight above your head and a world of pretty items that demand far too much money and are yet so beautiful look at – in a world of awe and happiness.

Then came along that lovely lady – standing aside a table that was decorated with beautiful boxes, glittery bottles and to top it off a lovely assistant who was only too happy to let you into her world –and that world was that of the first perfume from the shoe designer, Jimmy Choo.

Now if you’re anything like me and you have seen every episode of Sex in the City about 5 times, you’ll probably know Jimmy Choo to be a designer of some of the most beautiful (often painful looking and unsuitable) shoes known to man – sparkles, heels and pointed toes – shoes that your mother would never agree to buy but something that makes you instantly a fashionista so would be worth the several months or years of saving up. And this man, last year, brought out a perfume that is equally as delicious as the shoes I have just described.

Presented in a gorgeous pink box with snakeskin effect design, this fragrance is instantly recognisable and cannot help but make a statement – ‘I am here, I am awesome, I am worth it’ it cries! Simply named after the designer himself, this sweet, sensuous fragrance is seductive with a composition from the fruity fragrance family, with green top notes, tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli. The packaging and the textured glass bottle is inspired by Murano glass and so much attention has been devoted to the appearance, that it cannot help but be desirable and appropriate for your nightstand.

Available in the following sizes :

EDT – 40ml, 60ml, 100ml

  • EDP – 4ml Splash, 40ml, 60ml, 100ml

  • Shower Gel – 150ml

This is simply one of the most stunning fragrances that I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. I am known amongst my friends and family as being a lover of lists, and that of Christmas and birthday presents is no exception – but for once when my brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday last year (15th December thanks for asking) it was with no hesistation that I asked for a bottle of this beautiful, charming, seductive smell!

I don’t wear it every day as that would spoil the charm and charisma of this scent – it is certainly not one that is an every day fragrance, but it never fails to bring a smile to my face when I wear this Jimmy Choo perfume and I think everyone at work was glad when I finally received a bottle so I would stop going on about it!! It is an aroma that I am happy to report will last all day, so much so that the smell lingers on clothes and bedsheets as a little reminder in case you could ever forget about this perfume.


So, in conclusion – if you hadn’t guessed I am in love with this perfume – it makes me hold my head high and feel empowered with seductiveness, charm and all things that a woman should feel – I will never be without a bottle of it in my collection – ladies if you haven’t yet smelt it then I urge you to do so (but remember to try it and leave the smell on your skin as different perfumes smell different on different people! *End of lesson* ) and men, if there is ever something that should be filling the stocking of your loved on at Christmas, or you are looking for that special something to woo your lady, or simply a just because present to tell her you lve her (yes, they do still exist!) then this is the item for you!

What are you waiting for?! Why are you still here? Eat that biscuit, finish that tea and get to the shops! I’ll see you in a few days for more fun and frolics on my adventures – who knows what I may learn?! Be sure to let me know if you agree and love this perfume!

Lots of love and hugs

Suzanne xXx

Psssst!  EDP 60ml is only £33.95 at the moment on the following link! RRP £52.99!! I’ve just ordered a bottle…..I may go back and order another one! (Limited stock available) Xx

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