Collistar – Possibly the brightest star in the Beauty Sky!

Hello, Good Afternoon and Buongiorno! How are you lovely people? Sorry for the slight delay with this issue of my blog – thought I would keep it exciting, mix it up a bit, I like to keep you guessing!) So whats new? Well its pay day today (can I get a whoop whoop?!) so I thought I would treat myself and my skin to a bit of luxury – and I want to share my findings with you!

So I bought two things – Collistar Energetic Anti-Age Creamand a packet of L♥ve Hearts! I could blog about the love hearts but I may struggle to include any pictures as I’ve eaten most of them and my mouth currently feels like it has lots of popping candy in it – so I thought I would give you a review on this miracle face cream that has brought me back to life. So are you ready? Are you settled? Brew and biscuit at the ready? Then we shall begin!

Collistar Cream Pot & Box

Collistar Open Pot of Cream & Box

What is Collistar Energetic Anti-Age Cream?

Officially it is this :

“ This bestselling product features a day & night formula with a targeted energising and anti-age action which stimulates cell vitality and makes the skin more toned and compact. The formula owes its efficacy to the innovative Nucleosidic Complex a powerful cell regenerating complex which until now has been used only in the pharmacological sector and which acting in synergy with oligoelements and vitamins E and F revitalises the skin and combats ageing. Thanks to this valuable mix the skin takes on new life and regains its natural resources for defending itself from external aggressions.”

All clear? Make sense? No? No, me neither! There are lots of complicated words going on there! Basically it is saying that this is the ideal treatment for day and night that effectively fights ageing. Day after day wrinkles are weakened, the contour become firmer, the complexion becomes more radiant and the face takes on a younger and fresher look. Basically it makes you go ‘PING‘! The unique smell combined with the soft, silky texture makes the application of this cream a pure delight rather than a chore.

Cream on Hand

It is really good for dry skin and leaves your skin noticeably hydrated for at least 3 / 4 hours, if not longer. It smoothes out any rough or dry patches, and what’s more a little bit goes a long way – making what may seem to be an expensive price appear to be a lot more reasonable if considered as CPW (cost per wear). Unlike most other creams, this one is good to wear in both the day and the night, and thanks to the collagen and elastin you can see an immediate wrinkle filler effect. It elasticises (is there such a word?! Yes there is – wanna see?!! ) the skin and as with most moisturisers it works a lot better on a cleansed and toned face rather than being applied on to a well worn, tired, after work make up kinda face.


So – I like it. A lot. I mean its not collagen, not botox, it won’t completely change your appearance – I’m not out to lie to you – but as moisturisers go I think this is one of the nicest ones I have ever tried. Even though it has “anti age” in the title, it also has energetic too so to me it is suitable for all ages and skin types!! Its the perfect stocking filler or birthday treat, or would make a fabulous just because present! However ladies – be mindful and watch those men – if they get their hands on it without you knowing it’ll be gone in no time!


There you go – treat yourself to a little bit of sparkle my lovelies! Just in time for Christmas! (46 days to go – yes I am counting!!)

Stay warm, stay safe, drink lots of mulled wine and eat mince pies until you burst! What?! Its never too early!!

Lots of love & jingle bells!

Suzanne xXx

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