It’s Party Time!!

Well a very Good Afternoon to you, my lovely Ladies and Gentlemen!  How are you?  Did you have a nice weekend?  Who did what then?  I had a fun filled but hectic weekend – think I finished doing my last job around 9pm last night – I did manage to have a little bit of fun in between!  Oooooh I’ve had my hair done –  Do you like it?  Had a bit of shape and style put back into it and highlights – needed it brightening up as I am starting my festive party season this coming weekend!


I absolutely LOVE Christmas.  I’m not apologising for it, not making any excuses – I do.  If I could I would have a 365 day Advent Calendar, leave the decorations up all year and go SO OTT – (Thankfully) P has different ideas, so we make it festive enough but not too wild.  I also find myself starting celebrations earlier and earlier – I would like to think it is because I just get more and more popular but the truth of the matter is probably because people get busier and busier so things need planning more in advance!  This weekend I am off to leeds for a festive girly weekend with my closest bestest girlfriends (you know who you are!) and I cannot wait!

So whilst I am in a festive mood (and will continue to be for the next 6 weeks) AND I am on a ban at work for mentioning the ‘C’ word (Christmas, that is) until the start of December (apparently talking about it in September is unreasonable?!) Really?!!! I thought I would share with you my “Party Season Plan“.  I have devised it as an easy beauty countdown to get you primed, preened and polished for the Party Season!

4 Weeks to Go – Getting Excited!!


  • A truly glowing complexion is about looking after your skin, not just covering it in make-up.  So start giving yourself weekly home facials a month before the party season.**  Exfoliate the skin and use a detox mask twice a week.  Using eye cream twice a day is also a must along with a day cream with SPF (yes, even in winter) and a richer night cream.


  • Don’t neglect your body – soft skin can be achieved via twice weekly buffing with a body scrub and mitt or brush, then applying a firming body cream daily to improve skin elasticity.  Apply whilst your skin is still slightly damp from showering for the best absorption and don’t forget your hands and feet.


  • For strong and long nails, invest in a nail strengthening treatment regularly and always file nails in one direction to prevent splitting.



  • Finally, exfoliate your lips regularly – simply brush lightly with an old toothbrush to remove dead skin before applying lip balm.  Christmas is the kissing season after all so your want your lips to be in tip-top condition!


Do that for the next 3 weeks and then I’ll give you some final tips in the last week of November – I understand that some people may start their celebrations early but I’ll try and capture the majority!  You’ll notice a distincy absence of Hob Nobs and anything sugary today – I am of course trying to be good as I have a party frock to fit in to!!

If you have any other ideas, tips and tricks that you would like to share then please do feel free to leave a comment below!

  Will love you and leave you, go grab a toothbrush and practice your puckering up for under the mistletoe! 

Lots of Love & warm snuggly cuddles in your warm fluffy onesie (and minding the mince pie that may have accidentally on purpose jumped into my pocket!)



** A D-I-Y Facial Guide will follow on Wednesday!

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