The Perfect Perfume Winter Wonderland

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…….Jingle All the Way…..Oh What Fun it is to Ride on a One Horse open Sleigh……..*continue humming* …..thinking about that song and my wish list its a good job that Santa has now upgraded his transport options as one horse would NOT be enough to pull all my presents!  Not that I am materialistic, I promise you I’m not – it just so happens that I have been a very, very good girl!  Honest!

So anyway, hello my lovely readers how are you today?  Well and warm I hope?  Have you got anything nice planned for the weekend?  I am off for a girly weekend with my besties for lots of giggles, a little bit of wine, some Christmas shopping and dancing – I cannot WAIT!  Before I do go though I have just enough time to let you know the little list I have been compiling for the best fragrances that are around at the moment now that winter has firmly set its feet under the table and Christmas is just around the corner!!  (Yay!!)  This week I will be talking about my favourite ladies smells – then next week will be something for the men!

Do you remember those gorgeous, musky scents and smells that have been locked away in your cupboard since those two warm days that we had in April, and then left in there so not to tempt a spell of bad weather and to allow no reason for the sun not to shine – well they can come out to play once again!!  The temperature (of the weather) can play a massive role in how a perfume smells – a key ingredient in perfume is alcohol and when exposed to sunlight, it evaporates leading to rapidly fading scent. This is why you should store perfumes in a cool, dark place so that the bottles are not exposed to heat as this can alter the notes in the fragrance and on occasion cause the perfume to go sour.

Hope you’re not bored yet?! I promise the fun bit is coming – just as you wouldn’t wear a jumper to a summer picnic, there are certain perfume notes that are best left to the colder seasons and would be too intrusive & over bearing in the warm, summer months. Heavy floral blends, oriental fragrances, patchouli, vanilla and other sweet sugary aromas are ideal for cooler days or the evening.


My current favourites are :

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet

I love this smell – I love, love, love it.  It is my one and only perfume that I ALWAYS have to have in my collection.  I once wore it on a night out and no word of a lie – 7 different people came up to me and asked me what I was wearing (perfume wise, not because I dress weird) and how much they loved the smell.  It lingers on clothes and it is a smell that I never get fed up of smelling.  Ultraviolet contains the note of violet, which shines in a flower bouquet along with rose and jasmine.  YUMMY!

Armani Diamonds

This a fairly recent discovery – my dad kindly offered to buy me a perfume related christmas present last year (thanks Dad! ) as I was helping him to choose several for my mum and I really liked the gift set.  I had only smelt this fragrance a couple of times but I loved it and still do.  It could be mistaken as being more of a summery scent but I think it is one of the most versatile scents I have ever come across – a woman stopped me recently to ask what I smelt of (it was this perfume) as it was lovely and then proceeded to say she was going to buy some!  How nice!  The top notes are litchi and raspberry, the middle notes – freesia and lily of the valley, and the base are vetiver, cedar wood, patchouli and vanilla

Marc Jacobs Lola

I have had a few perfumes by Marc Jacobs in the past (I like to try a different one every time I make a purchase, although I do have a few staple smells too as above!) but this one is by far my favourite – so much so that I asked 3 different people to buy me a bottle of it and they did!  I love that about perfume – it doesnt matter if I have 1 bottle or 10 it can never be too much!  It will still make me happy to smell nice and not have to pay for the priveledge!  I love the bottle too – the rose is massive and exaggerated and the bottle is slender and classy – exactly how I like to be and exactly what the fragrance makes you feel like!  Lola includes pink pepper, pear, ruby red grapefruit, peony, rose, geranium, vanilla, creamy musk and tonka.

These are just 3 bottles out of a 40+ collection that I currently have – I could go on for days – Ralph Lauren (Blue) Jimmy Choo are two of my other favourites – we’d be here until next Christmas!  I have a few more suggestions for you, should you not like any out of my current collection – perfect for the party season!

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani

Is there no end to Gwen Stefani’s talents?  Love perfume is Gwen’s playful take on floral, combining peony, rose and jasmine with fresh oriental peach and bamboo.  Woody and musky notes round out the scent which develops from girly to something a bit more grown up on the skin a few hours after.  Great for outdoor games and apres-ski canoodling.

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

Sugarplum Fairy meets femme fatale in this voluptuous fragrance.  Spicy nutmeg and exotic plum combine with orchid, tuberose, jasmine and cashmere, with vanilla and burnt amber bottom notes.  The resulting concotion is complex and boozy, and unmistakably seductive.  Ideal for a hot and heavy New Year’s Date!

Organza by Givenchy

If you love florals, consider making this your winter scent.  Ultra-feminine gardenia, ylang-ylang and jasmine mingle with spicy nutmeg and green sap over richt sandalwood and vanilla.  The combination is clean and sensual, just right for helping you to warm things up on a cold and frosty night.

Remember it is always important to go and try a fragrance first as different fragrances smell different on each individual – depending on how the notes develop.  I’ve been quite scientific in this blog haven’t I? I do hope it hasn’t frightened you away – I promise I’ll be back to my normal chatty self on Monday!

What are your favourite winter fragrances?  Leave a comment and let me know! Any excuse to try something new!

Stay warm and smell lovely!!

Suzanne xXx

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