Once they Pop, you won’t Stop!

Hello, Good Afternoon and Welcome to my world! How are you enjoying the blogs so far? I think its probably time for a catch up – shall we meet for coffee and biscuits one day soon? You can tell me what you think and I can make any changes to make it more enjoyable for you? Or you can just leave me your thoughts / opinions below – don’t forget!

Anyway, bet you’re wondering what this blog is going to be about? Sadly it isn’t about the benefits and drawbacks of making your own popcorn or even my favourite Pringles flavour (although I can very easily arrange to discuss this with you should you wish!) but instead its all about your EYES, the windows to the soul, the first thing that people notice about you. With that in mind, and the party season fast approaching (if you’re anything like me then you can already hear your dancing shoes in the cupboard getting excited) then now is the time to brighten those Iris (Irises?) and create a lasting impression by using complementary colours on your eyes.

One beauty myth that I need to bust right here right now is that people should wear eye shadow colours that are the same as their eye colour – no, no, no, no and no. Oh, don’t think I’m judging any of you by the way – I’m totally not – I thought exactly the same until I was about 20! (Maybe slightly older, ahem) – anyway here are my recommended, tried and tested colour combinations that are guaranteed to make your eyes ‘pop’!!


Blue/grey eyes: If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with baby blue eyes then brown and taupe eye shadows are for you. These colours will really bring out the sparkle, and why not get creative and try a chocolate twist on the classic smoky eye look?! Anything involving chocolate is a winner in my eyes! The ‘Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow Collection Brown‘ has 3 yummy brown shades for a show stopping smoky effect. Finish off by treating to your lashes to a couple of coats of ‘Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Midnight Blue‘ as the navy tones and glitter effect will not fail to enhance your baby blue eyes.

Brown eyes: Now you’ve read about the blue eyes – guess what colour I’m going to suggest for brown eyes – yes blue! Using blue tones will make your eyes look more enchanting and inviting. Do you normally use a black eyeliner? This can often be too harsh and you should try a dark navy tone to enhance those chocolate brown tones in your eyes – try ‘True Gold Eyeliner Dark Blue – Glitter to add a touch of sparkle all day long. For maximum glamour, finish your eyes with a brown / black mascara such as ‘Rimmel 1,2,3 Adjustable Volume Mascara Black/Brown‘.

Green eyes: Green eyes are matched perfectly with purple and plum shades, as they will enhance the flecks of gold and brown and really intensify the colour. ‘Collection 2000 Trio Eye Shadow in Venus‘ contains a beautiful shade of plum along with a golden brown and a paler pink shade that will make your eyes sparkle on a night out and enhance your green eyes. Finish the effect by wearing a generous coat of mascara such as ‘Lancome Virtuose Mascara in black‘ to create a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

Yay – I have green eyes and my favourite colour is purple!! Happy days! You can be sure to look forward to a few reviews of the best purple eye shadows available on the market today. Let me know how you get on if you try out any of the above tips – I can guarantee that nobody will be able to keep their eyes off yours!

Lots of love & hugs

Suzanne xXx

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