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As you may have come to realise I am rather a fanatic about nail varnishes. I love them – when I was growing up I used to love painting my mum’s nails, and as a special treat I would occassionally be allowed to have mine done. I always dreamt of being one of those pretty women who wore posh suits, carried an expensive looking bag and went to get their nails done regularly at a salon. Life hasn’t worked out quite like that – I don’t wear the posh suit, carry an expensive looking bag (it is designer though so don’t judge too quickly – I’m part of the way there) and I don’t have my nails done at a salon.

When I saw online about a collection called ‘OPI‘ I was intrigued – I had never heard of them nor did I have any of their products in my 50 strong collection. I was having a browse online and I found THE most gorgeous nail varnish for which there was only one option – I HAD to add it to my collection – and so I did.  Called Pamplona Purple and priced at £6.75 it is slightly more expensive than I would normally pay for a nail varnish but in my quest to continue my research into what makes more expensive nail varnishes worth the money I took the plunge and here is what I got:

Whole Bottle of Nail Varnish - OPI

Close up of OPI Nail Varnish

Isn’t it gorgeous??! I think so – instantly the colour just blew me away – I know, surprisingly its purple! The trend with nail varnish has changed in recent years – at one time it was red and pinks that were worn and if you were feeling really daring you would maybe go for a slightly orange tint but that was about as wild as it got. I just LVE the range of colours that are available today – admittedly it took me a while to be persuaded as I am a traditional girl at heart but I have one of nearly every colour in my two (yes two) boxes of nail varnish!  I was giddy and excited to try the nail varnish, so much so that I painted my nails as soon as I had the bottle in my hand! Here are the results :

Photo with 1 coat of Nail Varnish

With One Coat

Photo of 2 Coats of Nail Varnish

With Two Coats

 So these are the things I liked :

  • The colour – sadly the image was altered to make the shade appear more vibrant than it actually is in the bottle, but it is still lovely all the same.
  • The shape of the bottle – even though I wouldn’t consider it to be cheap I do think that 15ml is a decent amount to have in a bottle and the style and design reminded me of those used in nail salons that I have visited – so £6.75 suddenly didn’t seem too bad at all for a touch of luxury.
  • The nail varnish, once dried was really shiny and the colour was lovely – I wasn’t sure at first but I felt very proud to have my nails on show and they could easily have been done in a salon.
  • The nail varnish didn’t take long at all to dry – just a couple of minutes.

Picture of the Brush

The things I didn’t like so much:

  • Not necessarily the fault of the nail varnish itself but the colour was not as vibrant and bright as I expected – as I mentioned above though it is still lovely.
  • The brush was quite difficult to hold because the top of the bottle starts narrow and then gets fatter towards the bottom – this makes it an awkward shape to hold if you don’t have very steady hands!
  • The brush was of relatively poor quality compared to other nail varnishes I have used – for a couple of nails I needed to dip the brush into the varnish more than once to even get the nail covered on its first coat – the consistency was quite watery and didn’t feel as luxurious as it looks in the bottle.
  • One of the biggest disappointments was that the nail varnish appeared streaky and patchy on a couple of nails – it also chips relatively easy – I have already had to top it up and we’re on day 2. Admittedly I was washing up and baking last night after I had done my nails during the day but one needs to be able to carry on living with painted nails, no?

OPI Logo


So, what can we conclude? There are roughly the same amount of positives and negatives when it comes to this nail varnish – I don’t like to be negative, I’m not at all a negative person – but my gut feel says that I am rather disappointed and I don’t think its worth the money. Having said that, the negative points that I have raised could be a lot to do with my application – and I am going to persevere and try a couple of other colours to see if my opinion changes – but I can’t help but think about that Active nail varnish that I tried a few weeks ago and I couldn’t speak highly enough about it. If you can afford it then by all means explore this range – some of the colours are brilliant and they would make a cracking little stocking filler or Christmas present– but if you’re looking for value for money I think there are definitely other avenues that can be explored.

I don’t mean to leave things on a downer – i’m just being completely honest otherwise there would be little point in me doing this blog! I don’t hate it but I don’t love it and I definitely think there are other similar items out on the market from other ranges that will do as good a job if not better for less money – I would love to know your thoughts and opinions if you have ever tried anything from this range?!

Lots of Love

Suzanne xXx


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