The Perfect Perfume Winter Wonderland Part 2

Sleighbells ring, are you list’nin? In the lane snow is glist’nin…..a beautiful sight we’re happy tonight, walking in a Winter Wonderland…….I am so so so looking forward to Yuletide and after a recent trip to the Christmas Markets for a mulled wine (and to plan a 5 course tea sampling all the delights the next time we go!) then I am feeling very festive.  One of the things I am looking forward to the most is snuggling up in front of the fire with P & O and having some quality time on my sofa.

You know what, nothing tickles my senses more than a nice smelling man. No, really – I have walked down a street before and caught a whiff of something delicious or a familiar smell and had to fight the urge to either hug him tight for a long time to inhale the fragrance, or chase after him just because I somehow, quite bizarrely, feel I should strike up a conversation as we have a connection of some sort.


I understand that the above sentence sounds a bit ridiculous, honestly I do. But for me its not all about looks – I won’t lie, they do matter a little bit but if a guy can make me laugh and smells nice then I am happy to have a glass of wine with him!! As we know, the skies have turned grey, the winter has set in and Santa is preparing his very big sack to shower all the good boys and girls, men and women with lots of Christmas delights. If you’re anything like me then you’ll find the men the biggest struggle, but do not worry – I am here to help! I have compiled a list of the yummiest winter fragrances that would make an ideal stocking filler or a cracking Christmas gift so that the lovely man in your life will wish it was Christmas every day!

Like with the ladies it is important to train your man that he cannot wear the same scent all year round – each fragrance belongs to a fragrance family and depending on which family it is, determines whether it is suitable for spring & summer months when it is (apparently) warm or whether it is a more musky, sultry scent that is perfect for a cold winter’s day and is heavier so will last longer. Ensure that the scent is stored in a cool, dark place so that the notes are not altered by heat and are not at risk of going sour.

Here is my selected six fragrances that are worth hassling Santa for :


Marc Jacobs Bang

Teases the conventional lines of fragrance with a woody, spicy scent that explodes with peppery notes. The bottle resembling bashed-in sheet metal is almost like a piece of modern art. This is the one for the quirky, sophisticated, designer-led guy who loves to be an individual rather than follow the crowd.

Caroline Herrera VIP Men

Taking its inspiration from the pungent aroma of spirits, the latest fragrance by Carolina Herrera is laced with notes that emulate gin and vodka. With spicy scents acting on the trigeminal nerve and triggering alertness, this is one boozefest you might actually stay awake long enough to remember.

Davidoff Champion

THE choice for the sporty/gym type. It’s fresh, crisp and bursting with citrus notes – and the bottle is cleverly modelled on a dumbbell.

Boss Bottled Night

For the smooth operator who plans on spending Christmas under the mistletoe. A woody, provocative fragrance with notes of musk, green leaves and subtle spice. Wear it to receive compliments!

Bvlgari Man

Bulgari Man has a brace of woods as base notes (the ones that develop after an hour or so and linger on your skin) along with sexy hints of musk and amber. It’s perfect for cold winter nights, when you want a fragrance that’s warm and sensual, and also contains sandalwood, a note that’s been found to encourage relaxation.

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is winter’s must-have new scent. Radically different from Gaultier’s classic Le Male fragrance, Kokorico has a fresh, bracing ‘green’ smell that will see you through spring and into summer. Cool bottle, too.

There you go!  Now there is no excuse to not be able to grab your man under the mistletoe for a festive smooch! Pop him one of these in his christmas stocking or send one for him from Santa and he will be almost good enough to eat!  Just a word of warning – scents smell different on each individual so see if you can somehow sneak him into a department store and get spritzing!  Let me know if you have any other favourites and I will add it to the list.


Stay warm, snug and lots of Love.

Suzanne xXx

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