Feeling Blue?? Ralph Lauren Blue Eau de Parfum Review

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume Bottle & BoxI came across a perfume recently that has brought back all sorts of memories and I thought I would share it with you – in light of my recent discussion about how perfume can raise all sorts of emotions, I felt it was only fair that I backed up what I thought with some actual examples! I realise that my blog has gone a little bit perfume heavy – I can assure you that even though I work for a perfume (& beauty product) based company I don’t want anyone to get bored – in fact I went so far to try and think of something else I could review today that wasn’t perfume based – but alas – here we are!

I’m going to take you back to 2006 – a whole 6 years ago – I must have only been 22 (ok, 23 but shhhh!) when I and my ex boyfriend took a trip to Canada to see one of my bestest friends in the whole wide entire universe – you know the ones – you can go for weeks, months, ages without talking but you know you are both thinking of each other and time doesn’t change anything – it will be just the same once you do speak / meet up again. I didn’t actually like said friend when I first met her – exactly like this perfume – and apparently it was the same for her (I can’t speak for the perfume!) but for whatever reason that soon disappeared and she quickly became a staple part of my life – exactly like this perfume!!

Whilst we were in Canada we decided to take an 8 hour weekend road trip to NYC – it is the only time I have ever been to America and I think we were there for no longer than 48 hours – but I can assure you there isn’t a lot I didn’t see whilst I was there! It was definitely a whistle stop trip and amazing – it was during one of the many tourist stops (Macy’s I think?!) that I discovered Ralph Lauren Blue Eau de Parfum – what a wonderful discovery it was. Not to be confused with Polo Blue Ralph Lauren or Ralph Lauren Ralph (both of which are also splendid smells), this perfume by Ralph Lauren was introduced in 2005 and carries a wonderful white floral fragrance that reminds you of places far away all year round whilst carrying a warmth and muskiness that is the perfect balance and makes it a good all year round perfume.

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume Box

Relaxing notes of this perfume are filled with glaringly color of the sky, freedom and release. It opens with notes of lotus, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, pink peony and gardenia. The middle notes wrap with accords of rose de Mai, tuberose and orange blossom, and the base adds a sensuous warm trail of sandalwood, musk, ambrette seed vetiver and oakmoss. The bottle is also a very cool blue colour that holds the marine coloured fragrance in a very modern, stylish fashion and it is completed with a silver stopper and monogram of the Ralph Lauren initials for all of you label lovers out there.

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume with Silver Lid Once I had run out of the bottle I had purchased in NYC I searched all over the place for this fragrance and to my disappointment it was very hard to locate at a reasonable price – then one day recently I learnt that we had got it into our warehouse and I instantly felt the pennies in my purse get excited – of course I bought a bottle!

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume Bottle

I realise this may be a slightly biased review of this perfume as fragrance is very much subject to taste – but still I am blown away by just how much a spritz of a fragrance can carry – I’m not just talking about the particles, but memories, reminders, emotions, a fondness of good (or perhaps not so good) times. I am definitely learning on this journey of discovery that fragrances are very much more than something to make an individual smell nice – this goes without saying (unless it is a particularly over powering or nasty smell!) – but it is also a very good way, especially at Christmas to show someone that you care about how much you care, without them even realising it.

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume with Logo

I dedicate this blog to ma cherie who I don’t get to see often enough as she is across the channel – but with or without this perfume no ocean will change that! I would love to hear your thoughts – do you have a particular fragrance that reminds you of a particular time? If so, what is it? Ladies – in case you need another excuse to ask Santa to fill your stocking with a nice treat – you can now justify it by wanting to share more experiences with your beloved – and no two experiences can have the same smell – can they?!

Oh, before I go – join me on Friday where I will be giving you some last minute pamper plans to make you sparkle for your Christmas party and soon I will also be letting you in on the answers to avoiding the prickly question I raised the other day – never again be subjected to judgements about the perfume that you wear!

Can’t wait to share it all with you – I am now off to indulge in a piece of festive yule log – I believe that with less than 4 weeks to go until the big red man comes to visit that it is perfectly justified – no?!

Lots of love, cuddles in snuggly jumpers and more,



Note – the bottle in the pictures is 30ml – it is also available in 50 & 75ml. Let me know if you share my love for this Ralph Lauren fragrance!

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