Judgement Day….The Answer!

If you cast your minds back a couple of days (go on, you can’t have drunk THAT much wine) I told you a tale about a bugbear of mine that I had overheard being discussed in the gym early one morning in the blog ‘Judgement Day…..Every Day?’ – is it coming flooding back to you now? Good. Well, as promised I am here to share with you my top 3 tips in avoiding all the judgemental thoughts, emotions and sentiments that the following question brings up

‘Ooh, what perfume are you wearing??!’

Before you frown on me in disgust if you have read my blog then you will realise it is an automatic reaction that we all do from time to time – we can’t help it – perfume is a stimulant for the senses but also in the brain – I reckon everyone out there can think of at least one smell that reminds them of a certain event, person or time in their life – and the judgements made when one answers the above question is the same. Yes, it is wrong – it is totally unfair but it isn’t ever done in a malicious way (unless the perfume is particularly offensive!)

Now, on this journey as a Beauty and Fragrance Apprentice (soon to be Extraordinaire!) I have concocted the perfect formula to answering the above question.

1.  Feign surprise.

Aim for a humility a la Marilyn Monroe here. You are not supposed to expect this question – ever – even if you are on day one of a brand new bottle of Chanel’s Allure Sensuelle, as I am today. Speaking of which I wouldn’t advise attempting any sort of affected French accent when delivering the name of your fragrance as I regrettably did the last time I was asked the question. Humour doesn’t translate in fragrance.

2.  Don’t self deprecate.

Or feel obliged to apologise for your choice of scent as one of my colleagues does. She often wears Calvin Klein’s CK Be because she likes the smell, but also believes this implies she’s the same 13-year-old girl she was in 1996 with a penchant for chokers and an obsession with Mark Owen. Which it sort of does. Still, it really does smell lovely. Don’t talk yourself out of a compliment.

3.  Don’t be secretive.

Or snooty. I once overheard a woman in a lift answer this question with ‘Um, if you don’t mind, I’d rather not say.’ Why?! Because if you let it slip, your magical perfume potion will instantly sell out around the world? It’s unfriendly. You are being asked this question because someone likes your scent, so share the l♥ve.

The fragrance question is a warm exchange usually between two women, it’s like an elegant sort of compliment – unlike the blundering ‘Have you lost weight‘ or the loaded ‘your skin looks good today, have you done something different?‘. It is one woman saying to the other, I can see the metaphysical construct you intended by wearing that fragrance – I can see the imaginary Alexander McQueen capsule wardrobe, the wicker chairs and the weekends in Monaco – even though you don’t own any of that. It means that particular fragrance fantasy looks good on you. I may be wearing Chanel Allure Sensuelle, but I am wearing 8 year old boots from Barratts, I don’t even have a sheet (but a duvet) on my bed and I have never eaten Samphire – I just know its green!

Have a lovely rest of the day – be good, Santa is watching you – 3 weeks until Christmas & counting!  Hope you’ve all been enjoying your advent calendars – imagine if it had perfume behind every door?!

Lots of Love & warm cuddles

Suzanne xXx

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