Party Perfection – The Finishing Touches!

Hello! Have you got the Friday feeling? The festive feeling?! Any feeling?! I hope you’re not too bored about be going on about Christmas – I am like the biggest kid ever! I feel like I have to wait 364 long days for the second most exciting day of the year – the first? My Birthday! – and I don’t think I will ever stop being giddy! Like EVER. (a la Taylor Swift!) The decorations are up and looking super sparkly, the dresses have been dusted down for the various functions I will be attending and the wine rack is slowly being filled. It would probably help if I stopped having the ‘odd’ glass, but hey – its Christmas! I’ve even managed to get tinsel round the office – look!

Xmas Office RadioXmas Office Christmas Tree!

Xmas Office

So you’ll have noticed I have been focussing on Christmas quite heavily recently, but I really do just have your best interests at heart I promise – we have 11 months next year where we can discuss reviews, new products, scientific developments of the latest Micro/Maxi/mini magical formula skin cream – but today and this next few weeks is all about us! Me and you – looking good, feeling great, sparkling like the diamond in Kate Middleton’s (or Princess Kate?!) engagement ring! I’ve shared my beauty secrets of what to do 4 weeks in advance in the blog ‘It’s Party Time‘ and also what to do with 1 week to go in ‘1 Week to go until Party Time‘ – now its all about the final touches!

2 Days to Go – can’t wait!

  • Do your manicure now so you don’t end up rushing the drying time. Don’t forget to start with a base coat, apply two coats of your chosen polish and finish with a top coat, to make it really long lasting. You can apply the final slick of top coat horizontally across your nails to ‘seal’ in the colour.


  • If you can, forgo make-up for the day, to give your skin a break before the big night out. Apply an eye mask or try slices of cucumber (an old trick but it works) to freshen and moisturise eyes.
  • Exfoliate and moisturise your body at least a few hours before you fake tan, so the product goes on evenly and sinks in well. No one wants to look like an orange (although festive!), but a light layer of fake tan can even skin tone and give a glamorous golden glow. Mousse is really easy to apply if you’re a novice fake tanner. Blend another layer around your outer thighs and between your boobs for a slimming effect. Finally make sure any waxing happens 48 hours before and any shaving 24 hours before tanning to avoid risking a blotchy finish.


  • Avoid refined carbs (bread and pasta), ‘windy’ vegetables, fizzy drinks, too much salt and sugar, alcohol and fried foods as these won’t help flatten your tummy for your party outfit.
  • If you suffer from boating, drink plenty of water – it’ll stimulate your kidneys and flush out excess liquids.

There you are! Do all of that and you’ll be looking good enough to walk down the red carpet in Hollywood!

If your party preening has to happen whilst jostling for mirror space in the office loo or caught amongst small children charging around, here’s how to go from the desk or dishwasher to diva.


  • Fix a time when you stop work, or running after the kids, and stick to it. If you’ve no time to wash your hair, spray some dry shampoo into the roots to absorb any grease and run your hair straighteners through it to tidy it up and redo your hairstyle.


  • Ponytails can look tres chic and save many an emergency hair situation – for extra sleekness, cover the band with a strand of hair and spritz with shine spray.


  •  Head to the sink and massage in a foaming cleanser to dislodge the day’s debris and make-up.


  • Create a soft, sultry look for your eyes with versatile shades of brown eyeshadow. Then curl your lashes and add two layers of mascara.
  • For statement eyecatching lips, try a rich red colour plus a golden shimmer effect to add over the top for a truly festive look.

And there you are – follow these tips and you will undoubtedly be the belle of the ball!!  Go and dazzle like the diamond that you are and have a very merry night!!

Take care on the slippy roads, sending you lots of love and warm cuddles!!



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