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Let it Burn, Burn, Burn………

A very Good Afternoon to you all!! Or rather should I say 'och aye a wee bonnie Good Afternoon to you all?!' For if you're a Scotsman (woman / child – delete as appropriate) then today is a jolly good reason for a bit of a knee's up – today is Burns Night. Burns Night I hear you shout........what on earth is that?? I have an Italian friend / colleague who was asking exactly the same question – what was it a celebration of and do you know what – I didn't actually know. I just know it to be

Snow Way!

Well, a very belated and overdue Good Afternoon to you!! I have a couple of administrative issues to clear up and then I'm going to talk to you about the one thing that us Brits love to chat about – the stock market? No.....the state of the English Channel? No.  That's right – the weather!! The first thing I would like to do is apologise to you, my lovely reader. I got over excited last week and announced that my blog was back – and in my head it has been however it has not gone unnoticed that since that

Out with the Old, In with the New…

YAY! I'M BACK!!!!! A very very Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I trust that you all had a wonderful Christmas? Did you do everything in excess like it should be done over the festive period? Drink too much? Eat too much? See too many people? Make too much noise? Spend too long in your pyjamas? Or was that just me? More importantly though, did you manage to rest, chill, recharge and indulge in some time spent with your favourite things and people? Well, thank you for asking I had a lovely time! I didn't go