Out with the Old, In with the New…

YAY! I’M BACK!!!!! A very very Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I trust that you all had a wonderful Christmas? Did you do everything in excess like it should be done over the festive period? Drink too much? Eat too much? See too many people? Make too much noise? Spend too long in your pyjamas? Or was that just me? More importantly though, did you manage to rest, chill, recharge and indulge in some time spent with your favourite things and people? Well, thank you for asking I had a lovely time! I didn’t go to the gym once, ate lots of mince pies, drank mulled wine amongst other tipples and received some delicious presents from Santa – I must have been a very good girl!!


Feels like ages ago now though, doesn’t it? So much time, effort, energy and money is spent on making everything perfect and the weeks leading up to that magical time seem to fly and then *WHOOSH* blink and they’re over for another year…..spend a couple of days recovering, de-bloating, remembering what it is to wear normal every day clothes and then its time to start thinking about all the changes you want to make in the New Year.


Ah yes, those New Year Resolutions – they’re something of a pain, aren’t they? They make me want to be really good but then at the same time see how far I can push the boundaries by rebelling – I am not an easy creature to understand! As always, my list was enormous…..I shan’t bore you with them all but here are 5 of the best :


  • To visit the gym / exercise at least 3 times a week
  • To not eat rubbish e.g crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, (this is proving to be more difficult than normal, I will provide visual evidence at the end as to why!)
  • To invest more time and money into my make up collection – “out with the old and in with the new” (any excuse)
  • To drink less wine
  • To learn how twitter works!


Easy, right?! Wrong. The first one is surprisingly not a problem – although I chose not to go to the gym over Christmas I actually missed it and after recovering from the nasty cold bug that is making its way round I have been back twice this week and I have all intentions in going for the third time tonight. I have also spent a good chunk of time this morning getting to grips with twitter, learning and understanding how it works, how to use it for the best, how I can profit from it. Finally I have all intentions of limiting my wine consumption for the whole weekend to just the one bottle this weekend, rather than having 1 each night over the weekend.


The make up, however, is quite a different kettle of fish. It is simply a minefield. What is worth investment? You know by now how I feel about spending unnecessary money on something, however it is near impossible to know precisely what is worth the investment in such a saturated market. So here is the plan (gather round, gather round…..) – every week, once a week, from next week, I am going to review and give you my top 5 of various make up items that I would expect to find in a regular make up bag – by all means you are welcome to let me know if there is something that you use that I have not discussed and I will let you know what I think is best – I can only really go off what I have in my (extensive) collection. It is time to throw out the rubbish that I have held on to for years, believing that I will use it once my current make up has run out – but I never do – instead I just go and buy the latest, sparkly addition to my collection.


Enough is enough! Now I have shared my intentions with you then I have to now do it! Good theory, no?! Well, I can but try! I’m aiming to have a declutter in the next couple of weeks so when I do I will take some pictures and show you the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots!  So thats it really – I just wanted to pop back, let you know I was about and profusely apologise for my absence over what has been the most incredibly busy month of my life on the work and play front!


Especially the work – I have never known anything like it – did you all get something (nice) smelly for Christmas? I would love to see photos of what you got? I just got the 5 bottles of perfume / Gift Sets – nothing too extravagant?! Whether you feel like it or not, may I jusr reassure each and every one of you lovely, delicious, sweet smelling readers that we worked super hard to ensure that the maximum amount of orders were delivered on time – sandly, unline Santa I am unable to whizz a sleigh round the world in 24 hours and deliver them all personally – believe you me if I could then I would…….but apparantly I don’t have the right licence to drive a sleigh?!! But please be assured that we are all human that work here, and we too are customers at other companies so all of your comments, queries, complaints and more are dealt with in a timely manner and taken very seriously!


Sorry, that got rather boring there for a moment, hope you’re all still with me! I am off to finish the packet of jaffa cakes AND oreo biscuits that I have teasing me in my drawer (see, the healthy eating isn’t going so great – its ok – baby steps, gym this week, focus on food too next week?) then get down to some testing, deciding and writing of my regular blog feature starting again next week!

Oh – and here is the reason why the battle of the bulge, biscuits and treats is proving difficult! :S  These were a selection of Christmas / Birthdat presents! Anyone would think I had a sweet tooth!

Lots of love and warm cuddles, lovely to be back.

Suzanne xXx

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