Snow Way!

Well, a very belated and overdue Good Afternoon to you!! I have a couple of administrative issues to clear up and then I’m going to talk to you about the one thing that us Brits love to chat about – the stock market? No…..the state of the English Channel? No.  That’s right – the weather!!

The first thing I would like to do is apologise to you, my lovely reader. I got over excited last week and announced that my blog was back – and in my head it has been however it has not gone unnoticed that since that announcement I haven’t written any more blogs! Please understand that its not out of laziness or unwillingness – quite the opposite – I have been focussing my attention on a few other exciting projects – which I will of course share with you in time but now I am back.  And I won’t leave you again – pinky promise.

Now we’re friends again (I hope?) I would like to offer you a little advice – go into the kitchen, pop on the kettle, make a nice cup of tea (along with the mandatory hob nob) and settle down in your fluffy slipper socks whilst I share my thought about recent events.

Over the past week there has only been one topic of conversation – yes there is still war going on in the Middle East, victims are still suffering everyday through poverty and famine, Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he cheated in all 7 Tour de France’s that he won, and footballers are signing contracts that will provide them with a pay cheque of £200 000 a WEEK – but none of that is topic of conversation. What is? Snow. Snow, snow, snow and snow. And I, for one, am bored of it. Bored of winter, bored of cold and bored of reading, listening to and seeing the utter panic that is caused by snow.


Now before you tarnish me with a bah humbug grumpy brush, I love snow. I do I promise – images I came across on my drive to work this morning looked magical, like they had come out of a fairy tale. Utterly stunning. I also love being out in it, playing in it, building snowmen if the opportunity arises. Perhaps I am slightly bitter because I live by the coast and therefore I have seen about 5 sprinkles all weekend. That aside however, this is what I came across on my journey to work this morning :

IMG_0793 Isn’t it pretty?! I thought so. I don’t even mind it being cold – good excuse to wrap up in scarves, gloves and layer up, snuggle in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and your loved one – much better than it being miserable and raining – BUT the utter panic is nothing but ridiculous. Only ever caused by snow. You don’t hear the same fuss being made after a thunderstorm. People suddenly think that their tyres don’t have any grip and drive incredibly slow – parents panic that their children won’t be returning home from work and enquire about them leaving early – even though no snow had fallen in said workplace.

Twitter and facebook go into meltdown (did you like that??! I am proud) because of the volume of photos that are snowmen or comments about the weather. If we all did that when it was raining – posted pictures of puddles and commented about how miserable it was – would we all enjoy it then?! I suspect not. The news seems to have little space for anything else but the disruptions that have been caused by the snow – rail services can’t run properly, schools shut, unwanted holidays are consequently taken from work. I’m writing this whilst listening to Radio 1 – even the presenter (Greg James for anyone who is wondering) has just said that news of the week is the weather. Is this the same for every country? So much talk about the weather? Why are we so unprepared when it happens for a short spell every year? I mean its not really a great surprise when it snows. Its not like Sweden, Austria or anywhere that is fully equipped and prepared for it. But remember – above all else, I love snow.


I’ve just looked outside to give you an update. Its all melted. Gone. Not a trace left behind on our cars, on the buildings. Feel a bit sad. I’ve just seen on twitter that it is blue Monday. This may be a factor to my frustration and apparent grumpiness towards the weather! Oh – you can follow me on twitter – @PerfumeClick – I haven’t quite worked out how twitter works – I think I understand and then I lose 36 followers overnight. So please bear with me on that front.

Last thing – on a perkier note I would like your help, advice, guidance, opinion.  You’ll notice that this blog post is completely not beauty related. Not even the mention of a face moisturiser or hand cream for protection against the cold weather. How does that sit with you? I don’t want to just be like a lot of other beauty blogs who are mainly promoting or writing about items. As with everything in moderation that is fine. But too much and it becomes boring, doesn’t it? I would love to know what you think and how you feel about it – please leave me a comment and let me know!

Roll on Summer!  The months of skimpy vest tops, flip flops, blister and sucking in all the bumpy bits.  Hmmmm – maybe not.  We’re never happy are we?!

Go treat yourself to another hob nob – I’m off to scour the shops for the latest and greatest in the beauty and perfume world to share with you!

Lots & lots of love & cuddles



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