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Put a Spring into this year’s Spring Clean

Following my blog about Spring scents it gave me an idea to share with you the small steps I have taken, like I do  around this time of year, every year, in my 'Operation Declutter' and give myself (my house can come later) a spring clean!  Now, understandably the temperatures are still single figures and the weather isn't exactly warm - but I have seen daffodils and lambs in the field so I can officially annouce that spring has arrived! Be honest, how many of those beauty products do you have cluttering up your dressing table and bathroom cabinets that

Spring has Sprung!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  Apologies for the unconventional greeting but I must share my excitement with you - that same feeling that I seem to share with a lot of people on twitter - that is the excitement of being able to look out of the window and after several gloomy, miserable, grey months the sun is shining, the skies are blue and all is well in the world.  Ok so I may still be wearing 4 layers but that isn't the point - the sun makes everything look and feel better - gone is the grumpiness, the frustration and annoyance of the

Fashion Week?? Its all About The Great British Biscuit Bake Off!

Hello, Good Afternoon and Happy Pancake Day!! What a good week – Pancake Day AND ♥ Valentine's Day in one week!! I'm not sure which I am most excited about? You know, until the other day I didn't actually know the full purpose behind Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – I knew it signified Lent but the history behind it remained somewhat of a mystery to me. That isn't good, is it? As I'm sure all of you educated people are aware it is official known as Shrove Tuesday and is the day where the staple store cupboard ingredients are

A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved…….

Hello on this sunny Friday afternoon!!  How are you?  Ready for yet another dose of weekend?  Know I am - I love it when Friday springs upon me without me even noticing.  Sometimes it even pokes me or tickles me I've been so prioritised by other things!  This Friday is quite a significant one though especially for you men (I'm sorry but what I am about to talk about for the very last time is predominantly to keep the lady in your life sweet) as it is the last weekend before Valentine's Day - probably the last opportunity to arrange

Spot the Men from the Boys this Valentines Day……

With Valentine's around the corner, it's time to start thinking about gifts (unless you're P and I in which case we'll be taking the challenge of being as romantic as possible as cheaply as possible - I love a challenge - get out the shoestring!) for your other half. Until recently I noticed that P had a very, very limited collection of fragrances - I'm talking 1 or 2 - so I've spent the last few years rectifying that situation and now he has a collection that even David Beckham would be proud of!  It helps working where I do! 

All Because the Lady Loves…

Good Afternoon to you!  Hope you're well and wrapped up warm - apparently we're in for another dose of the 'S' that I mean snow, nothing else that you may have thought about!!  I'm sure the country won't take longer than 2 seconds to go into complete chaos!  Oh - so cynical aren't I?!  Now we've finally managed to close the door to January for another year we can focus on other more positive times ahead - my two particular favourites are Valentine's Day as i am a soft, soppy romantic at heart - and also Pancake Day!!  I

Love is in the Air

Da da da daaaa da da.....l♥ve is in the aiiiir.......isn't it a nice feeling? Whether you're in love or just lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love you or whom you love – its there. It never goes away. Everyone has someone to love and someone who loves them. If its not someone, its something. Friends, partners, pets, homes, cars, children, family.....the list is endless!! I don't mean to go all deep and meaningful – well I do but I suppose not so serious – I personally blame Greg James and the other DJs (Scott Mills at the