Love is in the Air

Da da da daaaa da da…..l♥ve is in the aiiiir…….isn’t it a nice feeling? Whether you’re in love or just lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love you or whom you love – its there. It never goes away. Everyone has someone to love and someone who loves them. If its not someone, its something. Friends, partners, pets, homes, cars, children, family…..the list is endless!! I don’t mean to go all deep and meaningful – well I do but I suppose not so serious – I personally blame Greg James and the other DJs (Scott Mills at the moment thank you for asking – it is currently 14.26 – nearly tea and biscuit time!!) on Radio 1 for all of this – trekking down the Zambezi river along with a handful of other celebrities and having me in tears for most of the week whilst I listen to the epic journey they are making to raise money for people who are nowhere near as lucky as us and yet still find a reason to smile.

So with this in mind, and it being February 1st (pinch, punch etc etc) and me feeling l♥ved up I thought I would look forward to the day where we celebrate all things lovely – Valentine’s Day! I know there are many different opinions about Valentine’s Day out there – for the record I have always been slightly jealous of people who used to parade around with their shower of gifts from their loved one and sucked in by the whole ‘romance’ of it all – I wanted to receive the cards with a ‘?’ in it, get the big teddy bear, the flowers delivered to the door as a surprise and to be whisked out for a romantic meal for two.

Until I met P. Call me cynical (but not old, I am only a young 29) – I mean I still l♥ve all those things, which woman doesnt?! (any who say no are lying – men make note of that!) but I feel that I now understand that those things aren’t real expressions of love – to me they are more that these (probably lovely) people have some money to spend! Its all so commercial! I do like to receive flowers but probably just because I can and I am lucky enough to do so but I love flowers so I am happy to receive them 365 days of the year. Ha, imagine that…… house would be a florist – and P would be poooor! Anyway….I digress….the cards and words for me are the best bit and simply spending time together. Everything else is a very lovely bonus. I like ‘just because’ days if I’m honest. The non Valetines Day – I got you this just because you’re wonderful, super, amazing, beautiful…..etc….honest.

Ok let me keep in the spirit of these things. I’ve had a scour online and I thought I would give you my Top 5 Gifts for Valentine’s Day to shower your loved one with – should you so desire!

1. Something smelly!

Flowers last a couple of weeks – chocolates last a moment (but a lifetime on the hips).  A scent, however, can last a day, a week, a year, a lifetime.  I have a number of perfumes that when I smell them I am instantly transported back to a time in my life – scents that some of my close friends have worn for what seems like forever.  A scent is personal, it reminds the recipient of you every time they wear it – what more can you possibly want to give them?  If you’re struggling for ideas then worry not – I’ll be bringing you my Top 5 scents for spring and Valentine’s Day next week!  I am good to you!

2. D-I-Y presents

One year I filled the lounge with balloons and wrote a little message on the outside of each one – or you can just as easily pop a note inside the balloon before you blow them up. I then put two strings across our living room and using some pegs I did ‘Our Story so Far’ as a picture timeline. As someone who often remembers the bad and not the good it is a very simple, easy way to remind yourself and your loved one just what makes you go together so well. Another idea I have recently come across is whilst I was browsing Twitter and I came across a blog which I really liked and who had some great ideas on D-I-Y Valentine’s presents such as these homemade gloves :

Really simple to make – a pair of gloves, get some contrasting felt and cut out a heart shape and carefully hand sew half onto the edge of each glove so that they make a whole heart when the recipient’s hands are put together.

Clever ay?!

3.  Get Creative!

Make something – if you don’t think you have time then I promise you that you have!!  It doesn’t take long and you don’t have to be ueber crafty in order to be successful.  You could make a calendar, a book, a mousemat – the opportunities are endless!  And if you’re still struggling then I know a couple of very well known supermarkets who will make it for you – you just need to pick the photos!  What could be more simpler?  Full of thought and love and a constant reminder to the recipient of all that is good about your relationship.

4.  Men!

Men are a bit trickier unless they’re massively soft and very much in touch with their feminine side!  You want something to show them how much you l♥ve them, but nothing too generic or expensive in these hard times!  I love all the quirky, cute things that are devil or monkey shaped – I get things in my head that I think are going to be perfect – unfortunately P doesn’t always share my opinions and it often falls a bit flat!  Some of my favourite websites are Prezzybox, Find-me-a-Gift or treatHim they all have a bit of everything.

5.  My final idea

Nothing.  Just you, a hug, a kiss and a little message of love.

So there you have it!  What will you be doing to celebrate the day of love?  Anything?  Nothing?  Do you believe in it?  Or are you like me and you believe in the spirit of it?  Or do you think it belongs in the trash folder?  I would love to hear off you or see your plans!  That reminds me – I’d better get my thinking cap on for what I can do for P – it’ll be our 4th Valentine’s Day now – as he is a simple guy I might just plump for my 5th idea.

Thank you, my lovely reader for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read what I think – I imagine you to be in all sorts of places – over the weekend in your comfy pyjamas and dressing gown with a nice cup of tea and a good dunker (rich tea, digestive, hob nob) or cheekily reading in the office at the end of a long day (obviously not during the busy work day…..ahem).  Where are you?  Who are you?  Is anyone out there? *knock knock*

Until next week have a lovely weekend lots of love and snuggles.



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