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Good Afternoon to you!  Hope you’re well and wrapped up warm – apparently we’re in for another dose of the ‘S’ word… that I mean snow, nothing else that you may have thought about!!  I’m sure the country won’t take longer than 2 seconds to go into complete chaos!  Oh – so cynical aren’t I?!  Now we’ve finally managed to close the door to January for another year we can focus on other more positive times ahead – my two particular favourites are Valentine’s Day as i am a soft, soppy romantic at heart – and also Pancake Day!!  I LOVE pancakes – I know the whole idea behind Pancake Day was / is to use up all the staple store cupboard items before lent starts but it begs the question – why does it make something SO delicious if we’re supposed to want to give them up?!  It just makes me want to eat them more!  With fresh chopped banana and nutella……yummee.

My love of pancakes isn’t what I was going to chat about today though.  I mentioned in my blog last week about Valentine’s Day – to which most women will claim they’re not bothered about and couldn’t care if they got a present or a card off their beloved – but deep down and in a cupboard of secret feelings that are hidden away it is a very different story!  I thought I would concoct my top five fragrances for you lovely ladies out there as it is one of THE most bought presents at this time of year – and after all we want the men to get it right, right?? AND should one be lucky enough to be taken out on February 14th, wined, dined or romanced then I feel responsible to ensure that you’re smelling your best!  (Its ok, you can thank me the next day!)

Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler

This best-selling perfume is a great choice if you’ve got a hot date for Valentine’s Day. Yummy top notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel will appeal to his senses, tempting him to sample you for dessert. Honey and fruit aromas round out this popular fragrance, lending it a deeply sexy appeal.

Tresor Perfume by Lancome

Tresor is a deeply romantic fragrance, making it an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day. Lush and unabashedly floral, this is an intensely feminine perfume that charms more than it seduces. Wear it with confidence on a first date, or to a special dinner with your long-term love.

Vera Wang Perfume by Vera Wang


Are you looking to coax a proposal this Valentine’s Day? Get a helping hand from this classic designer fragrance from Vera Wang. The designer, best known for her wedding dresses, created this romantic floral perfume for brides to wear on their wedding day. Its fresh and pretty floral scent translates beautifully to Valentine’s Day too. 

Intimately Beckham Perfume for Women by David and Victoria Beckham


Wicked and fresh, just like the power-couple who created it, this perfume is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day dinner at home with someone special. Romantic floral notes combine with spicy orange, cinnamon and myrrh over a vanilla and amber base, for a warm and beckoning appeal.

Armani Code Perfume for Women by Armani

Keep things light and fun for Valentine’s Day with this modern floral fragrance. Top notes of orange blossom, pear and ginger evoke a girl-next-door vibe, with base notes of honey and vanilla adding a dose of flirtation. This is a great fragrance for daytime dates, or to wear around that friend who you’re hoping to get closer to.

Now you’ve no excuse to not put together some beautiful combinations so you can look and smell your best for that special someone (even if it is your cat)…I’ve also been doing a bit of research for the singletons and found out some rather interesting facts that may just help you find the partner you’ve been waiting (-or- pretending not to wait) for…

  • Lady in Red

Reconsider your colour of choice…apparently men are most attracted to women who wear red according to some research carried out in New York recently.  Its all to do with our primate friends like a babboon and the fact that their faces go red when they’re fertile…….who knew?!

  • Good Hair Days 
The first thing men notice is your hair so make sure your locks are looking luscious. We only stock the best hair products which guarantee you to have good hair days.
  • More is Less
We all know if you choose to have your legs out, it needs balancing with a higher neckline and vice versa But…according to research carried out at Leeds University, the perfect amount of skin to have on show is 40% for a long lasting relationship.
 Don’t layer it on! Three in five men say heavy foundation and too much blusher are the biggest turn offs when it comes to makeup.
Perfume makes memories, but remember… your fragrance should always match the occasion!  Nothing too heavy – but something to make them wanting just a little bit more…….
Go get’ em girls! Join me on Wednesday for more of the same but this time I get stuck into the men – one of my favourite topics!
Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely ladies, all who you love and to all that love you – there is no greater thing to celebrate so don’t delay!
Lots of lve and fluffy hugs
Suzanne xXx


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