Fashion Week?? Its all About The Great British Biscuit Bake Off!

Hello, Good Afternoon and Happy Pancake Day!! What a good week – Pancake Day AND Valentine’s Day in one week!! I’m not sure which I am most excited about? You know, until the other day I didn’t actually know the full purpose behind Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – I knew it signified Lent but the history behind it remained somewhat of a mystery to me. That isn’t good, is it? As I’m sure all of you educated people are aware it is official known as Shrove Tuesday and is the day where the staple store cupboard ingredients are used up before the beginning of Lent. Who knew that such simple ingredients could make something as yummy as pancakes?!

Enough of that though – I’m not going to write about Pancake Day today – oh no – that would be too obvious and potentially uninteresting – I want to tell you abouot a recent party I had and inspire you to do something similar!  It all started last Thursday when I had a sudden craving for my favourite biscuit EVER – Oreo – and I was shocked to discover (after posting the question on facebook) that not everyone shared the love that I do for them! This led into a very deep and meaningful conversation (about biscuits) and I then mentioned that I wanted to bake some biscuits at the weekend. Did it stop there? Oh no. From there I had a friend who said they would be up for doing the same and suddenly an idea sprung into my mind!!

A biscuit bake off! What is better to do on a Saturday night than have a BYOBB? As long as your friends don’t have any plans for the night, and are willing to bring an entry along with any refreshements they may require then it becomes a very fun, cheap way to socialise and also indulge in a naughty treat but it be ok as there are several other people around you doing it too! So the idea was born – a Great British Biscuit Bake Off a la Mary Berry style. I would have invited her but I thought she may have been too busy! So, with less than 48 hours notice – would it be a success? Well, see for yourself!

This is our dining table extended! I can honestly say I never, ever want to eat, see, or talk about a biscuit again after writing this blog! I wouldn’t mind but I don’t even like biscuits that much – its not something that is a staple ingredient in my diet but it is something I find hard to stop eating once I have started! We had all sorts of entries, I was honestly blown away by the efforts that everyone made and how they got into the spirit of something that wasn’t particularly ‘normal’ for a saturday night in our clique. Some of my particular favourites are :

Martin's Biscuits

Chocolate & Cardamon Cookies……Mmmmmm

Twitter pic 027

Individual Gingerbread Men!

Twitter pic 040

  The Winners!

And of course there is my entry :

My Cookies Which came a very, very respectable joint 2nd! We had guidance rules and the winner that just beat me was a delicious salted caramel biscuit – it was scrumptious. We also had 3 entries of chilli chocolate cookies from the same recipe that turned out very differently! If you do decide to adopt this idea then I must warn you – the following 30 – 60 minutes after sampling 13 – 14 biscuits requires something low key before the party kicks in – the sugar and butter over indulgence is unkind to the body and sends it into somewhat of a shock!

So there you have it!  That was my Saturday night and it was a very cheap, fun enjoyable one! I think I may have started a trend too – there is now talk of a ‘Crisp Off’ amongst our camp!  What a fun world I live in sometimes…..I will probably need to increase my gym visits if this carries on…….

Oh one more picture before I go – as its nearly Valentine’s Day I thought I would post one of P & I…..with a difference!

P & I

Sorry about the photo qualiy I took them on my phone & I haven’t quite mastered how to not involve shadows!

Have a lovely Pancake Day, Eat your body weight in yumminess.

Lots of Love & not very tight hugs



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