Put a Spring into this year’s Spring Clean

Following my blog about Spring scents it gave me an idea to share with you the small steps I have taken, like I do  around this time of year, every year, in my ‘Operation Declutter’ and give myself (my house can come later) a spring clean!  Now, understandably the temperatures are still single figures and the weather isn’t exactly warm – but I have seen daffodils and lambs in the field so I can officially annouce that spring has arrived!

Be honest, how many of those beauty products do you have cluttering up your dressing table and bathroom cabinets that you actually use?  Half?  A quarter?  We’re constantly told by the beauty industry that if we buy this skin cream, we’ll look younger, wear that  lipstick will make us feel more fabulous.  But let’s face it, it’s really the way we feel on the inside that really reflects the way we look.

The beauty industry may be fixated on youth – flawless skin, perky bodies – but a recent survey found that 86% of us in their 30’s & 40’s believe that beauty comes from the inside, not what we wear, the way we style our hair or what lipstick we put on.  Ok, so we may have not reached a state of absolute perfection but we are able to celebrate ourselves for who we are, not simply how others see us.

The survey also found that by the time we reach our 30’s and 40’s we’re happier, more knowledgeable and more confident with the way we look.  Instead of covering up our skin with layers of make up and styling our hair to within an inch of its life, we’re happier to bare all and embrace our natural beauty.  We know how to look our best without having to follow fashion trends or try out crazy hairstyles.

Well if that isn’t the case for you (and I promise that I may talk the talk but I don’t always walk the walk!) then I would like to think that I have done my bit for humanity by encouraging you to try something new.  Don’t do anything too excessive though – please don’t read this then raid the drawers for your roll of bin bags with a new sense of determination and empty all of your shelves and cupboards – baby steps is what I am trying to encourage.

For example – here are three ideas to

‘Spring Clean your Beauty Regime’ :


  •  Let your hair dry naturally.  Lay off the styling tools and just wash and go with your favourite shampoo.  Your hair will thank you for a day off and, you never know, you might like the natural texture of your hair.
  • Simplify your hairstyle.  Do you spend ages each day styling and tweaking?  Ask your stylist to give you a cut that needs minimal work and then all you need is a shampoo for healthier-looking hair.
  • Give your make up bag a makeover and clear out your make up bag.  Ditch all those products you never use and edit your make-up to a set of four or five things that you really need and suit you.

I mean, it doesn’t have to stop there either.  What about shoes? I love shoes – the one great thing about feet (and in my opinion there aren’t that many) is that they don’t change.  No matter how much weight you put on or lose – as long as it isn’t too drastic – they remain the same and all the beautiful shoes in your ever growing collection can still be worn.  But – can you honestly say that you wear them all?

No, I understand that the brown court shoes would look exquisite with your wrap around brown top and skinny jeans, just like they wear in the magazines – but realistically are you actually going to wear that outfit, or like me will a pair of flat shoes be shoved into your bag to be worn at the earliest moment possible?  You know what to do if that is the case, and I promise that by having 3 boxes under the bed as well as a cupboard full and a whole line in the spare bedroom – you won’t miss the ones you do get rid of and will probably be grateful for the space.  Until you buy some more.

The media is one of the most singly influential and powerful tools on our planet and since I’ve started working in marketing I am becoming more and more aware of just how influential it is.  I for one am a sucker – I always want the pretty things on TV, or if my friends are wearing / talking about something I feel like I have to have it or I am missing out – and I guarantee now that I won’t be the only one.

Then magazines are telling you what is in style, after the recent explosion of Fashion Weeks (London, New York, Milan – was I invited do I hear you ask?  No, bizarrely not – maybe an aspiration for next year!) and even blogs do that to some extent but that is because we are driven by a very consumer orientated world, one which I am by no means trying to change.

But if I, as a blogger, can join in the massive market that is the media and encourage one person that how they looks or what they have is amazing and that we don’t need everything that everyone else has got, then I will feel that my good deed for the day has been done and you will get a lot more than you had bargained for out of your spring clean!

Have fun!  Lots of love and cardigan Kisses,



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