Lancome Hypnose Drama – Review

Yes.  Honestly.  I’m going to write a review.  It has been brought to my attention, or rather I have realised, that I have sidetracked somewhat off the quest that I originally set out to do – which was to learn about all things beauty related – so this is the first step towards fixing that.  What an absolute joy of a blog to write too – today, after years (and I do mean years) of searching, trying, experimenting I am pleased to annouce that I have found the perfect mascara!  Well – in my mind its perfect – allow me to explain why…..

So above is a photo of me with no mascara on – I know, I’m sorry – I’m not sure if you can tell but I have rather long eyelashes – and yes, they’re real, just like I told the person who decided to come up to me one time and try and pull them off!  Who does that?!  But anyway you would think it was a luxury, a blessing to have such long eyelashes?  Am I right?  Well, with the right mascara, yes they can look almost false, long and luscious.  With the wrong one – it can be a right royal pain.  Mascara ends up going below the eyebrow, that probably causes me to sneeze which spreads the mascara even further, and my eyelashes can often appear spidery with the wrong mascara – and I definitely don’t need a lengthening form.

So with this in mind I have spent a long time trying to perfect these eyelashes that my brother fondly compares to those of a cow and have tried lots of different brands – Maybelline, Revlon, YSL, Rimmel, Collection 2000, Benefit – the list goes on.  It’s not that these are bad and I have lots of friends who swear by various different makes of mascara – but I never found that any of these mascaras emphasised my eyelashes how I wanted them to be.  I didn’t want to look like I was on my way to a day of filming the Only Way is Essex when I got ready on a morning – but I also wanted to emphasise one of my plus points.

And then, over Christmas, when shopping for something completely different I came across this gem :

I have a friend who has sworn by Lancome for many years now but to be honest I had never really explored this brand until recently.  I absolutely love it.

  • The mascara goes on nice and thick – for me it is the perfect consistency – if I am going to work then I just put 1 coat on – if I am playing out then I will apply 2 coats or even 3 if I’m feel particularly brave!
  • I LOVE the curved brush – I have experienced these before but I feel that the quality of this brush and the curveture has been the best I have ever used to get an over all application.
  • Finally the mascara lasts from when I put it on in the morning until when I got to bed.  Even in the gym. That to me a massive plus point as I have tried most of the cheaper brands and found that they tend to flake off after a few hours.

To show you what I’m talking about I thought I would do a comparison shot :



A better view….

The left eye (my left, your right) eye has a very reputable high street mascara on – 1 coat whilst the right eye (your left) has 1 coat of Lancome Hypnose Drama on.  To me there is a very noticeable difference – do you agree?

Not wanting to be totally biased I have picked up on one minor point of this mascara – and that is that it can come out on the brush quite thick and clumpy, like so :


As you can see from the photo there is quite a lot of mascara around the rim and that is mostly excess off the brush – but that is only because I don’t want to wear it too thick for when I go to work!  For me, its a small gripe that a quick swipe of the brush will fix!

So there you have it – I’ve just googled (ha, googled….what a verb!) this product to find out what the official line for this product is – I can confirm :

“HYPNOSE DRAMA, the revolutionary mascara from Lancome. Exceptional immediate volume. A must have mascara for a sensual, incredible and extreme volume look.”

I didn’t know that until now.  I certainly didn’t buy it for that reason – my reason was because it was heavily reduced and I thought I’d give it ago after really not liking one I had bought from Benefit for nearly double the price a few months before hand.  Like I said earlier I understand that mascara, like all types of make up, is completely subjective – but it is my honest opinion that once you try this mascara, you won’t go back.  I know I won’t!

I’ll leave you with the final look!  Thank you for reading and listening to what I have to say!  Looking at this photo I think I need to work on concealer next!  I’m going to lay blame to the camera angle rather than not having enough sleep!  Let me know if you have any recommendations!


Lots of love and butterfly kisses



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