Spring up your Wardrobe with a Scent That Matches Your Style

Ok, lets get straight to the point. Who of you out there are fashionistas ? You can’t go a week without following the latest Glamour, Marie Claire and Vogue on twitter or you have a subsciption to all their magazines and more ? You have the latest oversized Mulberry handbag, the biggest sunglasses you can find and where them almost every day, no matter what the season ? Then come winter the wardrobe is completely transformed, the Ugg Boots come out, far too much money is spent and you start to layer up – remaining trendy at all times.

Well if that sounds like you, then I am very pleased to meet you ! I bet you think you think of everything, right ? Well I may just have something to chat to you about that you wouldn’t necessarily think of – When it comes to shedding those extra winter layers, not many women consider packing up their autumn / winter fragrances along with their fluffy jumpers and boots.

I happen to believe that light and airy fabrics call for light and airy spring perfumes, which means that they too also need to embrace the wardrobe change. The season’s latest perfumes are bursting with floral notes like gardenia and sweet pea, as well as fruity hints of orange and cherry that channel warm, sunny days. And for those of you who want to hold onto darker fragrances just a bit longer, there are beautiful blends of musk and amber.

So make room on your dresser, as I’ve selected 5 fabulous spring fragrances to match your personal style. Whether you’re in search of a crisp fragrance to complete your boho look or a bold perfume that accentuates your sexy LBD, there’s something for everyone.

1.  If you love to wear every color in the rainbow, you’ll like…

Prada Candy L'Eau

Prada Candy L’Eau

Vibrant trendsetters would appreciate this perfume’s zestful mixture of mandarin, lemon, sweet pea and caramel. Bold, yet not overpowering.

2.  If your signature look includes a little black dress, you’ll like…

Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire Eau de Parfum

Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire Eau de Parfum

This fragrance may start out sweet with lychee and mandarin, but its seductive heart and base of plum nectar, tuberose and sandalwood make it utterly sexy.

3.  If your look is boho-chic, you’ll like…

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

This spicy, woodsy scent speaks to the woman whose style MO is the complete opposite of trendy.

4.  If you prefer a lace white dress, you’ll like…

Valentino Valentina

Valentino Valentina

Much like the elegant fabric, this fragrance gets a feminine touch from truffle, jasmine, tuberose and oak moss.

5.  If you love to mix edgy pieces with feminine prints, you’ll like…

See by Chloe

See by Chloe

This strong yet feminine fragrance blends the best of both worlds: fruity notes of bergamot and apple and floral hints of jasmine, ylang ylang and musk.

So there you are!  Whatever your taste may be I urge you to go and try one of the delicious five fragrances I have offered to you today!

Enjoy the sunshine, if you’re anything like me I hope your pale skin and white legs aren’t too shocked!

Lots of love and jugs



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