The Battle of the Mascaras continues……

Good Morning!  Or good Afternoon if you’re reading this in Australia or south of the equator…..I have an exciting development in my quest of a beauty apprentice to share with you and I can hopefully, for the first time since I started out, conclude one of the questions that I have spent months searching for the answer!  I know, exciting right?

So a few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a Lancome mascara in a blog entitled ‘Lancome Hypnose Drama – Review’ where I made the bold statement that there was no better mascara on the market (for my eyelashes) worthy of the money.  Do you remember?  Good……I have since done an experiment to investigate into this claim further as I am sadly running out of my beloved mascara (boo, sob) so I was wondering whether I should try a new product or stick with the original one.  I got into discussing such problems with a very dear and beloved friend who I shall name V and I am delighted to bring you my findings.

This was my mascara :

Now V has a very different opinion to me as I happened to have bought her the following Chanel mascara for her birthday :

Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Chanel Inimitable Mascara


Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Chanel Inimitable Mascara

I know, isn’t it pretty?  V loved it after having tried it from a friend of hers and was utterly delighted when I bought it for her birthday and has used it every day between then and now, when she too has run out of it and is on the hunt for a new mascara (but perhaps not one costing £24.00!) so I decided to compare the two as she loves this Chanel one as much as I love the Lancome one.  Surely two items that claim to do the same thing will bring similar results?  If they do then how can the price difference be justified – is it just for the name that we’re paying such high prices?  What makes these mascaras better quality than those of other very well known brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel etc to make them worth their money?  This is what I decided to find out – and answers I have!

So as you all know my eyelashes are unusually long and therefore have different requirements to those of ‘normal’ people – no seriously, should you have never seen a picture before after a couple of coats of mascara they do actually look like I am wearing false eyelashes.  I am of course, not complaining!  V however has much more normal eyelashes, shorter and I would say slightly darker – I cannot tell if they are particularly thicker as they are hardly bulky to bgin with!

These are the results :

Verdict 1

Verdict 1


Verdict 2

Verdict 2

Sorry if these photos are a bit creepy! So there are the 2 of us – in Verdict 1 there is Lancome Hypnose Drama on the left eye as you look at the picture (so the model’s right eye) and Chanel Inimitable on the right eye as you look at the picture (so the left eye of the model).  In verdict 1 it is the same.  Apologies for the quality of the photos but the difference was remarkable – in the first picture it is quite clear that the Chanel mascara is more suited to this set of eyelashes as it gave a thicker, fuller appearance where as the Lancome, although good, didn’t have the same effect.  In picture 2 however it is the opposite – the left eye with the Lancome is looking fuller and thicker, whereas the right eye  (as you look at the photo remember) is slightly spidery and I don’t think the Chanel enhances the lashes at all.


Apart from the fact that I need a better concealer or to take photos from a different angle, I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with my findings and I have indeed learnt a nugget of information on my quest.  It may not apply for everyone, I am not saying that – but the whole point of me starting this adventure was to learn and gain knowledge – I now know that the choice of which mascara is a very individual decision to make and it isn’t one that is based on the product, but in fact on the person.  That means that just because someone raves about a certain product, I (and we as a beauty loving nation) shouldn’t automatically assume that it is right for us and we must have it. The price difference is one I believe to be a subjective matter – if it does what you require from a product then I believe the price is irrespective as long as you can afford it.  I do know that I have tried MANY a mascara in my time and I have really grown to appreciate the quality of the Lancome one – oh yes, all the other ones do a job but not for as long or as well as my Lancome mascara – it flakes after a few hours yet I am still taking off the same layer I put on 12 hours later with Lancome.

I’m not trying to sell you the mascara, don’t get me wrong, I am merely trying to answer my questions about quality.  And showing that I am exploring avenues that mean that it isn’t always about money.  It is definitely worth a try before you buy – and as I am a sucker for wanting things that other people have then I believe it is a very good lesson for me to have learnt!  That isn’t to say that I will be shying away from having a root in people’s make up bags.  On the contrary – just gives me more of an excuse to try more as I suspect that this lesson isn’t just going to be applicable to mascara alone!

Hope you enjoyed this step in my adventure – I will be back next week with more – this time I may just focus on men for a change! (As if a girl needs a reason!  Will make that cuppa even more enjoyable!)

Lots of love and summer hugs



TipOOOOOH PS.  A very important PS!!  I learnt a FAB tip last weekend from another lovely friend – if you’re ever coming to the bottom of your mascara and it is getting a bit dry then add a drop of water into the tube – no joke I’ve got 2 more weeks out of my Lancome tube and it is pay day tomorrow where I shall be treating myself to another one.  It really works!  Don’t though, go overboard.  I’m talking literally a drop – your whole mascara tube will be about 6.5ml don’t forget!

You’re welcome!

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