How to get a Fresh Face of Make Up with your Bare Hands!

Morning my lovelies ! Hope you’re all fresh faced and enjoying this Wednesday morning ? Or are you, like many people, bleary eyed and wondering what last weekend seems so far away and the following weekend seems even further away ? I thought so – well let me cheer you up, especially the ladies – I can make you have an appearance of being fresh faced, young and glowing in a matter of minutes without spending a single penny. Following on from my blog last week ‘Banish those Brushes & get Back to Basics with your Make Up‘ as promised I have devised a guide for you to get ‘hands on’ to create a fresh, natural, daytime look. If you follow my 7 rules of thumb (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist) and feel your face as we go through the guide then I promise you won’t go far wrong.

1.  Index Finger

This finger is directly linked to the brain and according to scientists is the most responsive to temperature changes. It heats up fast – good for blending – and exerts the most strength. Smudge Eyeliner 1.1g Black, Prestige, into the lash line or press on eyeshadow (minimising the ‘pigment drop’ on cheeks that brushes can cause)

2.  Thumb

The fleshy part of the thumb is perfect for applying blusher, as it is the same size as the cheek area that you want to cover with blush. After foundation, press the pad of the thumb into a cream blush (try Touch Of Cosmetics Touch of Blush Blusher) and gently pat onto cheekbone.

3.  Heel of the Hand

Use the chubby part that hinges with the thumb (a bit like a chicken fillet shape) to contour. Apply ‘Crème Highlighter, Jemma Kidd‘ into the hollow of your cheeks, then push and roll, ‘smooshing’ it to smooth out any visible lines.

4.  Palm

Blend ‘Paris Bio Détox Organic Foundation, Bourjois‘ like a moisutirser. Rub between your palms to warm the product and sweep from the middle of the face outwards, working into the skin.

5.  Middle Finger

This long digit is perfect for dabbing on a lipstick stain without smudging it. Use it also to pat liquid or cream highlighters like ‘Skin Highlighter, Touch of Light ‘ onto cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of the nose. This motion helps reflective particles lie flat.

6.  Little Finger

The ‘pinky’ works with creams or powders. “Use it to dab pale shadow into the inner corner,” says Andrew Gallimore. “I call it a fingerprint of eyeshadow.” Try Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow, Benefit.

7.  Ring Finger

This finger has the softest touch – ideal for the delicate eye area. Tap round the eyes and the temples in a pitter patter motion to stimulate the blood flow, plumping up the skin for an airbrushed effect. Try Precision Ultra Correction Line Repair Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, Chanel.

And there you have it.  Not a brush in sight.  Now it is completely understandable if you don’t just throw away all your expensive brushes straight away – that isn’t the point in me writing this blog – more to offer you some reassurance that you don’t need to carry 2 sets of brushes around everywhere and also to persuade you to try a different technique – even if it is only one then it is one more than you knew before and I feel my knowledge has been shared.

Have a lovely week, enjoy the sunshine and more so feeling and looking effortlessly fabulous!

Lots of love



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