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Recession Remedy #1 – Filling your Cosmetics Bag Needn’t Be Costly!

Are any of you, like me on a permanent hunt for the sunshine and summer weather? I mean I know we had a couple of warm days but the summer solstice has officially passed (it rained most of the day......) and now we're heading towards....dare I say, I can't, lets just say Autumn!!  In any case - we don't have many days that we can pull off the au naturale, sunkissed look here in England, so other solutions need to be sought. What if I told you that I could fill your make up bag for a fraction of

Riemann P20 Sunfilter Review – The Lowdown

As some of you already know, P & I recently took a 10 day holiday together to Portugal to relax, have a break, have fun, invest in some quality time together – you know, the usual! One of both our biggest bug bears ever about a holiday is applying sun cream. No, seriously. I know it is only a 5 minute job but some days I would waste over an hour faffing or avoiding the task just because it seemed such a massive effort – in fact there was one day that P decided we weren't going out because he

Your Great Guide to Great Hair

Afternoon ! As promised in last week's blog – I've something very exciting to share with you (my apologies now if you already know) – recently I was lucky enough to go on a 10 day holiday to Portugal at the end of May and whilst I was there my lovely boyfriend, now fiance proposed !! Excited and happy don't even come close to how I feel – there is no immediate rush for plans considering we have another 3 weddings & 2 hen dos to attend this year, but we have been together for nearly 5 years and I've kept my

Get Your Skin Gorgeous for Summer

Slipping into a bikini after a winter of onesies can be pretty nerve-wracking and along with lovely sunshine, summer brings a whole new batch of beauty bothers.  The question is - are you prepared??  All it takes is a little TLC in the skin department to get you feeling beach beautiful and don't worry - I am here to help!  Most people's budgets don't stretch to expensive body blitzing treatments (I know mine certainly doesn't!) so I've spent some time seeking out those extra special do-it-all products that will give us a boost we need without breaking the bank. The