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Afternoon ! As promised in last week’s blog – I’ve something very exciting to share with you (my apologies now if you already know) – recently I was lucky enough to go on a 10 day holiday to Portugal at the end of May and whilst I was there my lovely boyfriend, now fiance proposed !! Excited and happy don’t even come close to how I feel – there is no immediate rush for plans considering we have another 3 weddings & 2 hen dos to attend this year, but we have been together for nearly 5 years and I’ve kept my desire of wanting to get married no secret!

I won’t bore you with the details (although if you want to know more then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll happily share!) but last week I excitedly bought my very first wedding magazine (well, theres no harm in looking!) and I am literally gobsmacked about how much there is potentially to think about – the options / choices / details are endless ! Don’t worry though – I’m not going to fill this blog with pure wedding orientated stuff until it has happened, but I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to extend my research boundaries and hopefully help any brides to be at the same time.

Today I thought I’d touch upon hair – this guide to great hair can be applied to any occassion, not just your wedding day but it is a 5 step plan that is specifically aimed towards a big day (sorry boys – this entry is just for us girls!!) for you to step out in style.

1.  Cut

The first step towards amazing wedding hair is a trip to your hairdressers. Chat to them about what you want to achieve with your hair on your wedding day, and get advice on where to start. Even if you’re planning to grow your hair, it’s worth booking in a trim so that you avoid split ends and have a style that is going to grow out well. They’ll also be able to advise you on whether the wedding look you have in mind is realistic in the time you have, and can suggest other options, such as temporary or permanent extensions, to help you get the style you want.

2.  Colour

Get your colour in shape well before the big day.  Decide what shade you want to be, sit down with your colourist to work out how long it’s going to take to achieve it.  Don’t go too far from your usual shade unless you want your hair to be the main talking point of the day – Kate Middleton’s new soft brown barnet is a great example of how to refresh your colour without moving too far from your original shade.  Get colour appointments booked in well in advance, and don’t forget one final date to get any roots touched up or a gloss put on your hair.

3.  Condition

Hair looks at its best when it’s healthy, and great products really do make all the difference.  Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner (we love Tigi Rockaholic Livin’ The Dream Daily Shampoo 750ml £11.20 but

Clynol Colour & Care Enrich Shampoo 1500ml £6.15 is just as good, and easier on the pocket).  If you can’t stretch to salon treatments to improve your hair’s condition, splash out on a really fantastic hair mask, such as Wella SP Power Mask for seriously silky hair that gleams.

4.  Frizz Control

If you never have to battle with frizz, then congratulations, you’ve achieved the hair holy grail!  For anyone, like me, it is an ongoing battle to keep hair smooth and shining, and no-one wants a frizz attack come W-Day.  It’s boring, but start using a heat protecting spray every time you dry or straighten your hair.  Get into the habit of regularly using a repairing treatment before blow-drying to smooth the hair cuticles too.

5.  Control

Often, half the battle with hair isn’t getting it to look great, but making sure that it stays that way for more than 5 minutes after you step out the door (or onto the aisle!)  Prep towel dried hair with a smoothing balm (we like Wella SP Enrich 2.0 Balm 125ml – Unruly Hair – £6.50 ) before blow drying and add serum to your finished style.  Finish with hairspray for an updo, but if you’re wearing your hair down, try a shine spray such as Kin Cosmetics Stylium Luminous Shine Spray 100ml.

As with everything I write on here, this is by no means gospel but just an element of direction – in the short time that I have been engaged I have already been bamboozled about how many things that are out there and where to start with it all!  If it is your big W Day soon then enjoy every second I hope it is magical – if it isn’t then just be grateful you don’t have all this fuss and bother to go through – and this is only a tiny part of a very big picture!

Have a lovely week, will do something a lot more man friendly next week, I promise!!

Lots of love & warm cuddles



PS Just in case you wanted to see the ring…….:)

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