Your Guide to the 3 P’s – Perfume Protection Perfection!

Hello and Good Afternoon my lovely wonderful readers!  Before I go any further I owe you an explanation – I am awfully sorry about my lack of blogs over recent weeks – it wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered in the rising heat, or I had nothing to talk about (haha as if!) – I have in fact been in hospital having my gallbladder removed and then at home recovering for a couple of weeks so I haven’t been at work for a while!  It all happened rather suddenly after an attack a few weeks ago – I was very well looked after and the gall bladder was whipped out within 24 hours of being admitted into hospital and I am pleased to report that I fully back to bouncing levels and ready to carry on my path of beauty discovery.

So, with that out the way, I sincerely hope you are well and you’ve been looking after yourself especially in the recent spell of hot weather?!  Be sure to have a read of my ‘Riemann P20 Sunfilter Review – The lowdown‘ for an unbeatable bottle of sun protection or my ‘Staycation Survival Guide‘ if you’re planning to spend the summer closer to home – full of handy hints & tips for you! (You’re welcome!)  In this blog I thought I would share a few nuggets of wisdom that I have picked up whilst working here at Perfume-Click – in all honesty before I started I knew little or nothing about perfume except I knew ones that smelt nice and ones I didn’t like so much.

I’ve always had a love of perfume and I am not ashamed to admit that I have over 50 bottles in my collection now (I think – been a while since I counted!) and working for an ever growing business I have found myself sharing what I have learnt with my new colleagues and I have surprised myself (amongst many others I’m sure!) about how much I have learnt!

So in this hot, humid heat, here are my Top 10 Tips for keeping your perfume perfect and everything else you wanted to know about them :

  • We use perfumes on our skin in so-called “warm spots” where blood flows near the skin giving away the warmth of our body outside. These spots work as small fragrance pumps. They are situated on wrists, in the inner part of elbows and knees, and on a neck near the collar-bone.
  • Perfumes will last longer on oily rather than dry skin. Therefore, before using perfumes we may use some Vaseline or oily cream.
  • Fragrances are more intense when it is warm. Therefore, in summertime you should either use less perfume or use the lighter fragrance.
  • Do not overuse the perfume! If you think “I put more, it will last longer” – you are wrong, not to mention that people in your surroundings might not like it either.
  • Try to keep your perfumes in dark and cold places so they can remain long-lasting.
  • Do not splash perfumes on silk because it leaves stains.
  • If you want to find out if you are allergic to some fragrances, spray it gently on your wrist or inner part of your elbow. If after about an hour you notice some reaction, it means that the perfumes are not for you.
  • It is better to perfume your body before you get dressed because you can spray more of your body then and it will not leave stains on your clothes.
  • Most perfumes are designed to last for about four hours. Some of them may last longer but they will change their scent then. Therefore it is advisable to use perfumes once or twice more during the day.
  • If you have applied too much fragrance try this: Mix equal parts white vinegar and olive oil. Wipe onto affected area of skin and let sit for several minutes. Wash off with water and unscented soap.

So now you know!  Don’t think that this is just for ladies either – you lovely men can take note of this if you would like to lure the ladies into your lair for an after party in the summer sun!  I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for a good smelling guy……

Will leave you with that thought – I’m off to have a little spritz and freshen up for the afternoon!

Lots of love and sweaty hugs



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