Go Nutty about Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment!

Its been a while since I have delved into the world of haircare so today I thought I would bring you the first of a number of reviews regarding one of my favourite haircare ranges that I have only discovered since starting this blog – and that is the Macadamia Natural Oil range.  I am lucky in the fact that I am blessed with rather flexible hair – if you can call hair flexible – well I just did – anyway it is a head with lots of individual hairs but they are quite fine so together they look volumised without too many products.  I also have a natural wave in my hair which means I can wear it wavy without too much effort or it will straighten without too much hassle…….as so :

Me & My Hair

Me & My Hair

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

This was the first of the Macadamia range that I chose to test – I use a variety of shampoo and conditioners and the ocassional deep conditioning treatment on my hair but other than that I use very little else so I was interested to see how an ‘extra’ product would make a difference – if at all.

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment 30ml

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment 30ml

This product is available in 4 different sizes – 10ml, 30ml, 125ml and 300ml.

This is what is says on the packaging :

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment is absorbed instantly into the hair, it is weightless and gives hair moisture, health, softness, protection, as well as increased control and shine.

Directions For Use:

For styling and finishing. Work a small amount into damp or dry hair. For extra nourishment, add a small amount to masque or leave-in cream.
Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment 30ml

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment 30ml

On their website it says further that:

It contains a natural UV protection which helps to prolong the colour sustainability in coloured hair.  Your hair drying time will also be reduced by up to 40-50%. This is because the oil will be absorbed into the hair and thus pushes the water out, meaning that hair can be dried faster. When your hair dries faster you automatically minimalise the risk of heat damage to the hair.  So now you know the official stuff, here is….

My experience with the product

The first time I used it I tried it in dry hair as it does state that it can be used in dry or damp hair – what it doesn’t say is how much to use – I used a standard shampoo amount, so say the size of a walnut and it will come as no surprise that this was waaaaay too much!!  It was probably fabulous for the hair but because I have quite fine hair and it isn’t used to such treatments, especially containing oil – it ended up looking dull and greasy.  On the plus side it smelt nice without being too overwhelming!  I have since found out that a pea sized amount is plentiful!
Pea vs Walnut
So the next time that I used the oil I washed my hair then towel dried it and applied a little bit of oil to the ends of my hair – I find that applying it from the roots makes my hair heavy and lifeless – I then dried my hair with a hairdryer and styled it as per usual.  My hair felt a lot softer and was definitely easier to style as well as appearing healthier than it had done for a while.  The fact that the hair drying time was reduced by 50% wasn’t something that I particularly noticed but then it takes such a short time for me to dry my hair that it isn’t something that is going influence my opinion.
End Result

My lovely luscious shiny post treatment locks!


I’ve tried this product several more times now both on dry and damp hair and it seems that if you only apply a small amount (around pea sized) then it is fine and will work it’s magic.  Personally I still prefer to use it in damp hair but I suppose that is down to personal preference.  I definitely will be adding this to my ever growing haircare range of products!
Are you a fan of Macadamia products?  If so then i would love to hear about your experiences with them and why you like them (or indeed don’t like them! )  Hope you have a lovely week and enjoyed this review – there will be more to follow shortly – in the meantime if any of you have stolen that lovely sunshine could you please let us have some back??!
Lots of Love and clammy hugs

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