Beauty Secret #1 – Serum is believing!

Serum. I know.  Bet you’re asking the same questions as I did – what is it?  Why is it good?  Where should it be used?  Is it not for the hair?! There are loads of different types out there, is it not just one of those unnecessary expenses that shops are constantly promoting to make you spend yet more pennies?  Well, surprisingly, no.  And I’ll tell you for why…..(in my best Bryn voice from Gavin and Stacey).  You all know about face cream – again there are several thousand out there but it is relatively easy to work out which is the best for you – if you’re skin flakes off your face then it is dry, if it is shiny then it is greasy, etc.

Most of us use face creams as part of our daily routine – it keeps the skin moisturised, protected and comfortable.  But what do you know about serum?  Like building a house, there is no point in building it without some solid foundations and this is what a serum provides to your skin.  A serum should be used under your daily face moisturiser to ensure that it has the optimal effect to keep you looking youthful.

Serum often has a much lighter texture than cream, often it does not contain oil and therefore does not have the same protective properties as a good face cream does, such as SPF (therefore you still need to use one of those too!).  The serum is a concentrate of active substances which are designed to penetrate the skin. Not all serums have the same effects, so it is important to spend a little time finding the one that suits you – some of them firm the skin, other moisturise, and some smooth your wrinkles and balance your skin tone.

If, (not quite like me 129 days to go!!) you are in the age range of 30 and above then it is time to start thinking more long term about your skin care.  There is a serum out there for every skin type – for example if you are struggling with blemished skin then use an oil free serum that will regulate the amount of grease in your face and thus help fix the problem of an oily appearance.

If you use a good day/night cream then it may sound weird that you should also use a serum, but the magic that a serum produces means that by using a serum then your cream will work even better.  The way it works is that by putting the cream on top of your skin to do a little moisturising magic whilst the serum penetrates into the skin results in getting a fabulous, youthful effect. Remember, however, that a serum does not work in the same way that a protective cream does, so you still need to use a good cream for that all important SPF Factor!!


It is important not to mix serums – if you decide that you want to target another area than the one that your serum is working on then it is important to give yourself some transition time so that the ingredients don’t counteract each other – for example ensuring that your fragile EGF fats and proteins aren’t destroyed (epidermal growth factor (anti age)).  If you are after something that is more of an ‘all in one’ product then you are better off choosing a highly concentrated serum to work it’s magic.
So there you have it!!  Now don’t hold me responsible for radical changes, I can’t promise miracles sadly and I’m not suggesting that this is the be all and end all – simply that if you want to maximise the effects of your skincare routine then it is important to include a serum.  We have plenty to choose from at Perfume Click or I would love to hear of your own experiences too!
Lots of love and hugs in the sunshine

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