A Complete Guide to Men Scents

Just like many of us women, an annoying habit of the nose is that it never forgets.  I don’t know about you ladies, but I love nothing more than a good smelling man – and it is amazing how powerful one sniff can be – I have a selection of memories that leap back to me with just a passing whiff.  There are so many scents that are out there that you can choose from that it is understandably confusing to choose a fragrance that suits you and your personality – so let me help.

First, let’s look at the different strengths of the scents :

Pure perfume comes first but is probably not applicable to you men, then comes Eau de Parfum EDP, (which is also available for men) – this contains between 15-20% pure scent.  After that comes Eau de Toilette (EDT) at 5-15% pure fragrance, Eau de Cologne (2-4% pure scent) and finally Aftershave/Eau Fraiche which only contains 1-3% pure scent. The higher the perfume strength, the longer the scent lasts.  Most fragrances are composed of fragrance notes (fragrances). Top notes are the ones you smell first and can last for several minutes, then you smell the middle notes. These then mix with the base notes, which can take up to a full hour before they show up.  The base is the group of rich, heavy scent notes that keep themselves to themselves until the last minute before they show up and this is the scent you end up so make sure it is a scent with base notes that you like if you are looking for a new fragrance!


So – that is the scientific bit over for a minute – it is all very well getting advice and ideas from friends and acquaintances, but just because a scent smells good on your sister’s boyfriend does not mean that it is the one that suits you. Our skin is a mixture of chemicals and unique to you, so if you can then I highly, highly recommend that you try before you buy!  If you are brave enough to venture into the perfume department then try to do it in the morning. Your senses are sharper and the air won’t be full of fragrances from other people who have previously been trying scents. Use the little paper cards that they offer to find two or three scents that you think would suit you and splash a drop or two on each elbow and wrist. Leave the store give the scent a few hours to get settled in, this will give the smell time to develop and you can choose the one that you like the most and lasts the longest period of time.

Aftershave sales have drastically fallen in the last few years, especially here in England.  Why I hear you ask?!   Well, it is largely due to the introduction of other smelly products such as soothing balms and gels. Another reason is that not many of us have much disposable income at the moment to buy such luxury items as aftershaves and the scent does not last all that long, AND seeing as an aftershave contains a large amount of alcohol, it can burn a freshly shaven face.  Ouch.  If you’re looking for a refreshing fragrance then look no further than a lightweight Eau de Cologne instead.

Once you’ve found ‘your’ scent there are a few things to bear in mind.  Don’t leave your scent exposed to strong sunlight or extreme temperatures for a long period of time as it can disrupt the delicate balance of the notes and change the scent.  To prevent this from happening, make sure it is stored in a cool, dry place (bathrooms are not good due to humidity and temperature changes) and away from direct sunlight. If you have the space then even better would be to store it in the original box.  Scents have no set length of time that they should last because the ingredients vary enormously, but once opened most will last for around two years.  If they are unopened and stored properly, they can last for up to five or seven years.

Something I didn’t know but have learnt (so men listen up, I’m talking to you!) is that a fragrance should be applied from bottom to top and not all over the place, so be careful how much you spray. The best place for a man (to spray the scent) is behind the ears, neck, underarms and wrists. Don’t spray it in all 4 of those areas, that would be known as overkill – you’re better off choosing 2 of those 4 areas and apply the scent there.  Last but not least, remember that a fragrance will need time to develop, so even more reason to be careful with how much you spray. Less is more when it comes to smelling good!

Now I know I’ve written this slightly aimed at men but I hope it is apparent that the general rules can be applied to all scents, whether for man or woman.  I hope you’ve felt like you have learnt something new today – looking forward to smelling you all soon!

Lots and lots of sweet smelling love and hugs



Just before I go – here is my current favourite fragrance for a man:

Banana Republic Slate Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray

Slate Eau De Toilette from Banana Republic is a masculine scent that is fresh and energetic  containing notes of citrus, Sage and ginger.

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