One Direction – Our Moment Review

The wait is over. The much-anticipated fragrance from One Direction – Our Moment is now on sale and has been described as the biggest ever celebrity perfume launch. Harrods, who were first to stock it, held off doing any additional promotion as the fragrance is likely to sell out within the first few days of going on sale.

The celebrity fragrance market grows bigger every year – with last year’s sales worth £255 million in the UK – and this year’s figures looking like they will top that. A little bit of history for you now – did you know that we’ve come a long way from the first celebrity fragrance? Do you even know what it was? It was a fragrance called l’Interdit – designed for Audrey Hepburn by Hubert Givenchy in 1957. To date, the most successful celebrity fragrance ever is Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, which followed the launch of her first fragrance, Passion, in 1989.
One Direction’s first scent is called ‘Our Moment‘ and comes in a hexagonal shaped bottle with what looks like Barbie’s upside-down tutu topped with a tiara as a stopper

The scent is designed to appeal to fans of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson

The market of celebrity fragrances is saturated – Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey‘s fragrances have been huge hits. And like One Direction, they all say they are hands-on with every aspect of the production of their perfumes, from the all-important packaging to the shape of the bottle to what goes into it to produce the actual scent.

The Box

The pale pink box features black and white pictures of the boys on one side and silvery grey roses – a hint of what’s inside the bottle. This is definitely one for the girls – and very girly girls at that.

The Bottle

Hardly surprisingly there is a waiting list for this – but the real surprise is that the ages range from 16 to 68 – so it’s not just for very young fans……The bottle is a bit of a surprise – in that it’s a hexagonal shape with what looks like Barbie’s upside-down tutu topped with a tiara as a stopper.  Actually it’s meant to be a pink flower, made of netting, that reflects the blend of jasmine petals and frangipani, which combined with pink grapefruit, wild berries and red currants make up the actual fragrance.

The Fragrance

If that’s not enough – dry woody notes of musk and patchouli add to the overall effect. It’s certainly a scent that you won’t forget in a hurry as it doesn’t wear off.  I liked getting perfume when I was a little girl. In those days, it came in teddy shaped glass bottles from Woolworth’s and was either lavender water or eau de cologne.  I found Our Moment very sweet and a tad too heavy for daytime for grown-ups – and even an hour after first spraying this, the smell still lingered over me like a huge cloud of frangipani and candyfloss. I have nothing against frangipani, it’s just combined with everything else that the overall effect is a bit cloying.


Now it seems that everyone has their own fragrance; Justin Bieber’s scent is called ‘Girlfriend’ (right), Lady Gaga poses naked in the ad campaign for her perfume, Fame. The singer has miniature scantily-clad men crawling over her body to save her blushes.  It is designed to appeal to One Direction fans and I have no doubt that this will be flying off the shelves. Available right now from Perfume Click, the least expensive bottle is £22.30 for 30ml of EDP, but be warned – it is truly a smell you’ll need to fall in love with before you part with a penny of your pocket money.


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