It’s all about Matte Make Up!

The time has come – summer is ending, the leaves are falling and the nights are getting longer – whilst all that is happening on the outside it doesn’t mean you can get lazy and allow things to settle on the inside.  Oh no.  Quite the opposite!!  Now is the time to make some room on your dresser – it is time to put all your shiny, sparkling beauty secrets to one side because this autumn the trend is definitely all about matte.

The matte shades have taken the beauty world by storm.  If you’re a fashionista then you will have probably recently seen just how popular this trend has become. Just look at all the beauties from last week’s Emmys.  Everything was should be matte – no two ways about it – ranging right from the lipcare and the eye make up right down to the nails and skincare regime – there should not be a sparkle in sight – the more natural and ‘dull’ that the look is, the trendier you will be!!

Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath is a massive fan of this new trend, “It is so important for people to now get away from the glossy lips and bold colors.  To be on trend today requires nothing more than flawless makeup for that  natural-looking beauty, whilst injecting a touch of colour into the lips to say wow .

Worried?  On the verge of throwing out your entire make up bag?!  Well let me STOP you right there.  I am here, as your beauty apprentice, to bring you 4 of my top tips on how to wear natural matte makeup :

  1. Remember that matte makeup does not mean that you have to look boring . Why not find a colour that suits your complexion so that you have a natural base for the rest of your makeup?  Elizabeth Ardens Flawless Finish series is available in lots of shades and gives you the perfect base without seeming heavy and unnatural.
  2. Just because the aim of the game is the natural look, natural matte makeup does not mean you should look like a zombie. Adding a splash of colour to the eyes is ok as long as you keep the lips matte. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Matte Narcotic is perfect if you are after this look, as well as finishing with this beautiful matte lipstick from Rochas.
  3. Matte lipsticks are always on trend, so investing in one now is no short term thing.  Before you even get as excited as a kid in a sweet shop about which colour to pick, it is important (like with everything) that a little bit of preparation takes place.  In order to prepare your lips to dazzle with this sexy, sultry lipstick you must first use a small scrub to remove dead skin cells whilst always ensuring that they are well hydrated – this is a must because a matte lipstick will show dryness a lot quicker than a glossy one does.

Fancy a scrub that you can make from your ingredients at home so you could even go and make it right now??! I thought so – here is one I prepared earlier!  You will need :

  • 3 tsp. Vaseline-
  • 2 tsp. sugar-
  • Half a lemon

The method is realllllly simple :

  • First, you take a small pot and put into it 3 tsp. Vaseline.
  • Then you need to  add 2 tsp. sugar.
  • Stir both ingredients together so you have a small concoction.
  • Squeeze your lemon into a seperate bowl (you can use a fork or if you’re posh a lemon squeezer) and put about 1 teaspoon of it into the mixture .
  • Finally, heat the mixture in the microwave oven ( I give it 2 minutes, but feel free to experiment) – the mixture should be melted.
  • Let it cool a little, put the lid on the pot and throw it in the freezer for 10-20 minutes and hey presto … you have your very own lip scrub.

Oh yes – the final bit of advice – after all I did promise you my top 4 tips!

4.  The final tip is for your nails and to be honestly truthful with you there is only one way to put this – as with the make up it is all about the nude tones, they are very in – whether you choose to be bear or bold with the colour do take your time in applying the varnish – it is not as easy to get away with mistakes when applying a block colour – especially a bold one!

I’ll leave you with a picture of two very beautiful women carry it off ever so well….

Until next week, enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget your suncream!

Lots of love & hugs



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