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5 Ways to thicker, fuller hair – Perfect for the Party Season!

November is just around the corner (I know - HOW?!) and party season will be here before we know it - this means that now is the time to take stock and start to carry out work on those obvious areas that will be on show for most of the month to come - we all need a bit of body! A bit of ooomph in the hair. That's “root lift” to you and me : the one thing that lifts the face and makes hair look bouncy and youthful. Want to know how to get it? Well read on.....Shampoo

The Secret of Eternal Youth – in a Bottle!

Celebrating 60 years since it's launch, Youth Dew perfume still remains one of the most popular perfumes available from Estee Lauder – if you know the perfume then you will know that the scent is indeed iconic and very easily recognised. But how did it all come about? I know, I've been wondering that too! In honour it's 60th birthday I thought I would make it my business to research into it and then share my findings with you... The allure of Youth Dew is a pure dream in sheer marketing terms, let alone as a beauty icon and fragrance

Love your Lips – get the Perfect Party Pout!

Is your ultimate beauty wish to be more like Angelina Jolie, in the lip department at least? I don't know about you but I often neglect my lips – ironically the one beauty product I have most of in my collection are lip glosses – I think the reason I have so many is because I forget to use them – I am all about the eyes, although there are several areas there too that I could do with brushing up on. In any case, back to the point in hand – I have been spending a bit of time