Love your Lips – get the Perfect Party Pout!

Is your ultimate beauty wish to be more like Angelina Jolie, in the lip department at least? I don’t know about you but I often neglect my lips – ironically the one beauty product I have most of in my collection are lip glosses – I think the reason I have so many is because I forget to use them – I am all about the eyes, although there are several areas there too that I could do with brushing up on. In any case, back to the point in hand – I have been spending a bit of time sharing some love with my lips so today is all about how to fake some fullness and also how to get 3 lip looks with just 1 lipstick. Smashing, ay?

  • First things first, your lips need to be super smooth. Exfoliate your lips before bed by gently buffing away any loose dry flakes of skin using a toothbrush then apply lip balm.
  • Lighten up your lip lining technique – don’t draw completely over your lip line – instead concentrate on drawing softer lines round the shape of your cupid’s bow rather than sketching it sharply and precise.
  • Faking fullness is all about playing with light and colour. Choose a lipgloss in a nude or pale pink hue – dark shades make lips look narrower. Apply it with a brush so you can move the colour to the edges of your lip line then finish with an extra dot of clear or paler toned gloss in the centre of your lips for a fabulous 3D effect, like so :


Before you rush off to practice your pouting I have been doing a spot of research as part of my beauty apprentice quest – rather astonishingly I was able to use the same lipstick for 3 completely different looks – if you’re wanting to try this yourself then make sure that you go for a solid matte colour with no gloss. The one I used was Elizabeth Arden Starlight (25).

My lovely, clean, buffed lips

My lovely, clean, buffed lips


Products used during the experiment

 Look 1 – Subtle Colour

This look is great to break you in gently if you, like me, aren’t used to colour. Apply a little of the lipstick as a stain by using your finger to rub the colour into your lips, really working it in for a long lasting effect.

Subtle Colour

Lips with a subtle colour

 Look 2 – Pretty Pop

Apply colour as above but then add a coat of clear lip gloss. This will make thinner lips look fuller. You don’t need to invest in an expensive clear gloss so go for any brand. Try Bourjois 3D Effet Lipgloss Transparent, £11.00 for a trio set.

Lipstick with a coat of clear Lipgloss

Lipstick with a coat of clear Lipgloss

Look 3 – Bright Lights

 This look is a real statement. Use a synthetic brush to apply a rich layer of lipstick. For a perfect line, turn the brush on it’s side and apply to the edge of the lips. Blot and reapply for longevity. Take your time!

Lips with a rich layer of Lipstick

Lips with a rich layer of Lipstick

So there you go!! Now you have the perfect excuse to treat you and your make up bag to some new lippy – I won’t tell if you don’t! 😉

Lots of love and lipstick kisses!



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