5 Ways to thicker, fuller hair – Perfect for the Party Season!

November is just around the corner (I know – HOW?!) and party season will be here before we know it – this means that now is the time to take stock and start to carry out work on those obvious areas that will be on show for most of the month to come – we all need a bit of body! A bit of ooomph in the hair. That’s “root lift” to you and me : the one thing that lifts the face and makes hair look bouncy and youthful. Want to know how to get it? Well read on…..Shampoo Right

Always use a volume shampoo and treatment to help build body. They actually swell the hair, giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Snip in a bit more Body

“Fine hairstyles really need structure built in,” says Harry Josh, international creative consultant at John Frieda, and stylist to Gwyneth and Gisele for more than a decade. “Go for a haircut that has really soft layering around the areas that tend to sit flat; this will really help with the movement. Also graduating fine hair into a short bob shape will help to lift flat, limp hair.”  Bit like Mrs B here…….

Dry it High

Apply a blow-dry spray to the roots, then start blow drying the hair, moving the roots from side to side and against the natural fall of the hair. This helps to build a foundation into the root area. After lifting the roots, add your parting and blow-dry using a large, round natural bristle brush. Once the hair is 100% dry, add velcro rollers to the crown area for extra lift, leaving them in for 10 minutes. This adds a touch of natural volume and glamour to the end style.

Style It Right

Don’t overload your hair with too much product. Try not to create too much texture for fine hair as this will weigh the hair down. One of the most common hairstyling mistakes is using too much product (guilty as charged). To much can make hair look flat or even greasy. It’s all about keeping the hair light to add height and volume, so read the label and follow instructions.

*** PRO TIP *** : Backcombing is great fore pumping instant volume into limp, lifeless hair, and will create the illusion of thicker hair, but you also need a base. Spray a root lift product directly on to roots while hair is damp to create volume that lasts. Apply to towel-dried hair, lifting a section and spraying directly on to the roots in all the areas where you want to create big volume. Blow-dry to set.

Darken Your Hair

Hair dye can temporarily help swell the hair shaft, making hair appear thicker in texture, but the secret is in the colour too. In plain english – the darker you go, the more depth you’ll achieve. You could go darker in the main body of your hair and have lighter ends, but generally the lighter you are, the finer and duller your hair can look. And beware of bleach: it thins the hair, making it finer still.

There you have it – a simple, easy to follow 5 step Plan to movie style hair – whether you want a barnet like Beyonce or perfect curls like Cheryl in the Pantene adverts, I hope these hints and tips help push you in the right direction! Do you have any other hints and tips for the hair? If you’ve picked any up and would like to share then please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Lots of love, hugs and that extra bit of bounce.



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