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1 Week to Go! Party Time is Almost Upon Us!!

I cannot believe its nearly December. No, I mean seriously – I probably do say the same thing every year but this year has been ridiculous but amazing - I was lucky enough to be invited to a serious number of the specialist kind of weddings and their hen do's, a lovely 10 day holiday in portugal for P's 30th birthday - my 30th birthday is just around the corner (18 days to go thank you for asking!), BBQ's, lazy summer nights by the canal sipping a cider.....ahhhh......but I honestly can't tell you where Autumn has disappeared to. You know

Which Perfume makes the Perfect Christmas Present….for a MAN??!

You know what, nothing tickles my senses more than a nice smelling man. No, really – I have walked down a street before and caught a whiff of something delicious or a familiar smell and had to fight the urge to either hug him tight for a long time to inhale the fragrance, or chase after him just because I somehow, quite bizarrely, feel I should strike up a conversation as we have a connection of some sort. I understand that the above sentence sounds a bit ridiculous, honestly I do. But for me its not all about looks –