1 Week to Go! Party Time is Almost Upon Us!!

I cannot believe its nearly December. No, I mean seriously – I probably do say the same thing every year but this year has been ridiculous but amazing – I was lucky enough to be invited to a serious number of the specialist kind of weddings and their hen do’s, a lovely 10 day holiday in portugal for P’s 30th birthday – my 30th birthday is just around the corner (18 days to go thank you for asking!), BBQ’s, lazy summer nights by the canal sipping a cider…..ahhhh……but I honestly can’t tell you where Autumn has disappeared to. You know the days of kicking up leaves in my wellies, splashing in puddles on those chilly but fresh long walks on the coast – slowly pulling the jumpers out of the wardrobe and looking sadly at the vest tops and summer dresses that need to be put away for another few months…….I didn’t have any of that. I don’t think – I’ve decided that someone stole September and October from my calendar.

Yes, thats it.

So the season of festive partying is finally upon us – you’ll recall (I hope) that I wrote a blog called ‘Its Party Time‘ last week that gave you some hints and tips about what to do in preparation for the forthcoming party season – but it doesn’t end there!! That is just the beginning! The first couple of weekends in December are normally the most popular weekends for Christmas Do’s, so with that in mind I thought I would give you a guide as to what you need to do with 1 week to go in order to sparkle like the star that you are!

1 Week to Go! It’s almost here!!

  • Give yourself your final facial (to allow time for any possible reaction to calm) and your last dose of intensive hair conditioner (to allow any post-treatment heaviness to disappear)
  • Do your pre-party pedicure – toenails grow more slowly so there won’t be any visible regrowth. Ensure you keep moisturising your hands, but leave your manicure until a few days before the party.
  • Schedule in a hair trim for now but save pennies by colouring it yourself. New innovations in home colouring kits mean they can be just an enriching as salon treatments at a fraction of the price. Make sure you do a 48-hour patch test before using any hair colour.
  • Ensure that you get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water in the week before the parties kick off to help you look fresh and radiant. Try to abstain from alcohol and rich food to avoid bloating.
  • Invest in a serum for an extra skin boost and use underneath your moisturiser.


So there you go – I apologise if I have added a couple more jobs to your ‘To-Do‘ list at this busy time but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share my pearls of wisdom with you! I have all sorts of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks – I look forward to hearing all about your festive fun whilst munching on a mince pie!

If anyone, like me, is overly excited about putting up the decorations this weekend and opening the advent calender (P & O also have one – yes even the cat has one!) then enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend, stay warm, snuggly and be merry!

Lots of love,



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