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The Most Romantic Day of the Year?…….Valentine’s Day!

Heart of Flowers So – last week I had a bit of a rant about my thoughts on ♥Valentine's Day♥ in my blog 'Passion for Perfume – but Why?' - so this week I thought I would provide you with a few gift ideas in case you would like to woo the woman or man that you love, and also provide you men with a few handy hints about choosing the right perfume for your lady – I hope you have been paying attention over the last week or so lads! So, first things first. Valentine's Day is a nice event. No really,

Passion for Perfume – but Why?

♥ Valentine's Day ♥ is slowly creeping up on us and if you're like me you'll be starting to feel the pressure round about now – what to buy? Do you buy anything at all? Or do you share the opinion with many others that it is over rated commercialism and one should never be sucked in to being told when to be 'the most romantic' – and is buying a teddy bear, a paper bag that I saw in a well known card shop last night for £5 (!!!!!), chocolates and a mug – is that what defines romantic now??

Be your Own Facialist!

A slightly late but heartfelt Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a lovely and sparkly festive time - please tell me that it isn't just me who feels like it was ages ago now??  How you all doing with your resolutions?  Come on, be honest, how many of you have fallen off the bandwagon already?  I am proud to update you about one of my resolutions from last year - the fact that I was going to start a skincare regime - and although it has taken me the best part of the year I have managed