Be your Own Facialist!

A slightly late but heartfelt Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a lovely and sparkly festive time – please tell me that it isn’t just me who feels like it was ages ago now??  How you all doing with your resolutions?  Come on, be honest, how many of you have fallen off the bandwagon already?  I am proud to update you about one of my resolutions from last year – the fact that I was going to start a skincare regime – and although it has taken me the best part of the year I have managed to achieve it! I am enjoying a bit of ‘me’ time and pampering so much that I have decided to take it to the next level and invest a bit of my hard earned money every month on a little pamper treat for myself…..well I did until I saw the prices!  Who on earth can afford a spa treatment every few weeks?! Exactly. But….what you can get is skin to die for the DIY way – here is how!

A. The Skin-Perfecting Rules

1.  Clean up your Act

It takes at least one whole minute to wash your face properly – yet studies show most of us spend an average of just 20 seconds wiping the slate clean. Tsk tsk. “As well as causing breakouts and a dull complexion, residual dirt means serums and moisturisers can’t work their magic,” says Fiona Brackenbury, Decleor‘s head of training and education. For a really deep clean, pros use light, circular motion with their fingertips. “Work your cleanser up to the hairline and pay special attention to congested areas” says Fiona. “Always blot dry using a clean flannel rather than a hand towel – they’re a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if they’re shared.” Eek!

2.  Keep your Cool

Tempted to steam your pores to ease out the blackheads? Don’t!  “Extreme heat creates excess sebum and strains the blood vessels in your face, which can cause broken spider veins,” says Gwyneth Paltrow’s skin guru, Deborah Mitchell. Instead, gently squeeze blackheads after exercise, when your skin is naturally warmed from the inside. “But don’t force it – if they don’t surface after three attempts, stop, then try again after two days so you don’t do any damage,” Debroah adds.

3.  Be your own Masseuse

“Spa fresh skin isn’t just about the products that you use, but the way you use them,” says A-list facialist Sarah Chapman. “Facial massage boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, which flushes out toxins and pumps nutrients to the skin.” Firmer, clearer skin in minutes. “When applying products, make circles with your knuckles along the cheekbones, jaw and forehead, then drum your fingers over your face to release toxins. Do each of these for a minute,” says Sarah. “This will help to drive the active ingredients deeper into your dermis.”

B. The Home Spa Shopping List

All hail the selection of brushes that are now available on the high street and allow you to turn your bedroom into a beauty salon in a matter of seconds – for example the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System – it has a spinning brush that works your cleanser deeply into the skin – in fact, studies show it to be four times more effective than manual cleaning! Or why not be a massage pro with the Sarah Chapman Facialift, a hand-held massager that mimics the moves that professionals use on their celebrity clients – the aim is to roll the nodules over skin for two minutes to de-puff and ramp up radiance.

Once you’ve banished the dead skin cells, you can get that post facial feeling after just 10 minutes with Decleor Life Radiance Flash Mask – an express mask to revive the complexion and hide any skin imperfections, containing Elemi and Saro Essential Oils to help promote microcirculation and to purify and cleanse. Once used, the skin’s original radiance is immediately restored and the complexion is smooth and even.

If that wasn’t enough – I have a final top tip for you!  Facialists love facial oils as they absorb more easily than moisturisers. Talika Vital Oil Gold Face & Neck Oil is often found backstage at red-carpet dos to give a last-minute glow.


C. The 4 Minute, Quick Fire Glow Getting Guide

(To be performed daily) :

  • Double Cleanse

A once over with an oil cleanser will sweep off grease and make-up and result in squeaky clean, glowing skin.

  • Time it Right

Skin is extra responsive at night, so be sure to use a facial oil before bed.

(And for that extra special bit of TLC these are to be carried out weekly) :

  • Buff Up

Cell renewal takes 10 days longer in an adult’s skin than a teenager’s – gulp. Speed things up by using an exfoliator containing glycolic acid, a naturally derived ingredient that gobbles up dead cells.

  • Wear Layers

Take a cue from the beauty pros, who turbo boost the effects of a face mask by applying a layer of serum first for extra anti-ageing power – a camera-ready complexion starts with ‘Belleza Formula Regenerating Serum‘!

Belleza FormulaThat’s your lot for this week ladies and gentlemen – I hope I have inspired you to put any beauty demons behind you and given you the tools and some recommendations to get a glow in a matter of days – let me know how you get on and I’ll be back soon!

Lots of love and wintry cuddles



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