Passion for Perfume – but Why?

Valentine’s Day  is slowly creeping up on us and if you’re like me you’ll be starting to feel the pressure round about now – what to buy? Do you buy anything at all? Or do you share the opinion with many others that it is over rated commercialism and one should never be sucked in to being told when to be ‘the most romantic’ – and is buying a teddy bear, a paper bag that I saw in a well known card shop last night for £5 (!!!!!), chocolates and a mug – is that what defines romantic now??

Before I get fully on my soapbox, and don’t worry this isn’t a blog about my opinions about  Valentine’s Day – I would of course be a hypoctrite as I love nothing more than the beautiful bunch of roses that I receive on February 14th and a lovely written card – now don’t get me wrong it hasn’t always been the case. In fact it has only really been for the last 6 years that I have been blessed with such a beautiful gesture. I was never the girl that boys always fancied at school, nor was I was ever the one walking around with a giant teddy and a card bigger than my body (although being 6ft tall at the tender age of 13 that would have been sort of difficult). But thats ok – I appreciate the token gesture all the more now.

But thats as far as I go. A token gesture. And I’ll be completely honest it is probably one sided – if I see a silly pair of socks or a balloon then I’ll buy it, I have bought a cute little monkey in the past but I was flummoxed and bamboozled by just how many different things were in this well known shop yesterday. Why?! Why do people go to places that they would never visit normally and pay 3 times the price for the same food?! Why are socks and mugs and overpriced chocolate bars suddenly a symbol of love and romance? Is it just me or is it not the little things that are the most important? The things that money can’t buy? Or am I just being naieve and overly romantic?

Anyway – I did say that I wouldn’t get on my soapbox and I realise that I have a little bit – but then this isn’t your usual sort of blog. I work for a company and am lucky enough to do this as part of my job on a weekly basis where I could easily push our products down your throat but I like to think I am a little more honest than that. So with that in mind I wanted to do something a bit different this week than your generic ‘which perfume to buy blog’. I started wondering why it was that people even bought perfume? What is the symbolism about perfume for Valentine’s Day ? Have you ever wondered? Well I’m about to tell you!

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It isn’t exactly perfume per se that is the symbol but more the ingredients that it contains. While the history of Valentine’s Day  continues to be hotly debated, there’s no question that roses have come to symbolise love and romance. It all started with the Victorians through something called floriography – in simple terms it was a means to communicate feelings that were not allowed to be spoken in those days. Apparently red roses are the symbol of romantic love and passion whilst yellow roses signify friendship and devotion – this I did not know!

So what has this got to do with perfume I hear you ask? Well perfumes and skincare products have become increasingly popular because they have jumped on the bandwagon of this tradition and nowadays the very whiff of a fragrant petal can be enough to set the scene for the most romantic of days. I don’t know about you but I LOVE a good smell – as I have mentioned in my previous blogs, one of the most sensual things in my humble opinion is a lovely smelling atmosphere whether it be on February 14th or any other day – it is my belief that there shouldn’t be a day that passes where you don’t tell loved ones how you feel or what they mean to you.

According to the dating coach and behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings:

‘We associate the distinctive smell of roses with celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, so our emotional perception is already tuned into this and enhances our sensory receptors to perceive rose as the ultimate romantic scent.’

So there you go! And it isn’t just in perfumes where this romantic scent can be sniffed – it is everywhere – in oils, candles and moisturisers to name but a few places. With over 100 different species of roses it is understandable that the prices of such perfumes and oils vary. It is also important to remember and note (especially you men) that just because the lady in your life loves a fragrance on her friend, that isn’t necessarily the one to buy for her. No, I’m sorry, you need to do a bit more research into that, pay a bit more attention. I’ll talk more about that next week but in the meantime it won’t do you any harm to be slightly more attentive to her favourite smells than you usually are – be warned though – The most expensive rose of all is Rose de Mai, from Grasse in France, costing £32,000 per kilo!

Hope you have a lovely and sweet smelling week!

Lots of Love



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