Sun cream is just for Summer? WRONG!

It is a well known fact that January and February are the busiest times for travel companies – the excitement of Christmas is over, the weather is often wet, damp and depressing rather than the crisp, cool air in the autumn months and there is little to look forward during the long stretch until the summer sun makes an appearance – so people use their time wisely and book to jet away into the summer sun, dreaming of the bottles of sun cream they will have to pack and the adventures they will embark on.

However, holidays aren’t just for summer – oh no! Many of us (accident prone me not included although I have recently tried skydiving! More about that later….) love to have a winter holiday to look forward to – I know that I would find the start of a new year much easier to tolerate if I knew I was leaving on a jet plane – and can be found on Cote d’Azur or some place similar snowboarding and skiing until the sun sets. It can be the perfect getaway – to reconnect with friends and family after a hectic and busy few weeks partying and celebrating the festive season, as well as getting a good dose of fresh air and exercise into the mix. When packing for these trips though it is essential that you don’t forget the right products to protect your skin from the harsh elements – no one wants their holiday to be ruined by sunburn, windburn or cracked, dry lips now, do they?!

  • Defend against Dryness

One of the biggest battles that your skin will face is against the cold, dry conditions of the snowy air. After a day on the slopes your skin may be dry, blotchy, tight and even chapped. To combat this it is essential to adopt a gentle cleansing and deep moisturising routine on your trip. Avoid products that contain natural drying agents such as alcohol and witch hazel, which can deplete your skin’s natural moisture before you even make it outside the door. Instead follow up your gentle cleansing with a rich, deep moisturiser that will protect your skin from the elements outdoors. Look for products that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and vitamin E, which can help to seal your skin from the dry air and keep the chapping to a minimum.

  • Stop the Sunburns

Just because the weather is cold, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get burnt! When you’re out skiing or snowboarding you will be out in the sun just as long, if not longer, as you would be when lying on a beach. Granted you’ll probably have more clothes on but unless you plan on skiing in a spacesuit there will always be bits of you that won’t be covered. The sun’s rays are as strong no matter what the temperature so it is important that you select the same sun cream for skiing as you would for swimming in the Mediterranean sea. Something with an SPF of 30 or higher will be enough protection, but be sure to take it with you when you go off on your travels as all that snow, sweat and other moisture could affect a sun block’s ability to protect you so be sure to reapply every few hours.

  • Look After those Lips

One of the facial features that often gets ignored is the lips – the face and eyes can easily be protected with masks and goggles, but if you’re not prepared then your lips will take quite a thrashing. In order to get the ultimate protection be sure to invest in a lip balm that has an additional SPF Factor and as with the sunblock, make sure you slip it in your ski jacket pocket so it can be easily reapplied. In the same way as a sugary doughnut challenge, try to not lick your lips as this will dry them out faster and by using the lip balm you should avoid that nasty dry, cracked, tingling lip sensation that we all dread.

  • Finally – Gear up Good!

It is one thing to pack the perfect skincare set, but what about the rest of the body? By investing in some protective gear this can also up the skin safety factor by quite a bit – for example by investing in UV-blocking goggles or other similar items you will help to shield yourself from sun damage. Cover your hair and as much of your skin as possible to help maximise protection, and hopefully by doing all that, dressing appropriately and screening against the sun, you should return from your trip a lot healthier, happier and more relaxed for it!

So that’s it for another week. I have just started exercising again after a rather substantial amount of time off – needless to say that I have to use my hands to even lift my legs off the floor so you won’t catch me on the slopes anytime soon. This, however, I did brave and do last week – thankfully it was well supervised and SO much fun – it has given me the taste to try a real skydive! Have any of you lovely readers ever done one? Tell me your tales if so!

Lots of Love, keep wrapped up out of that wintry rain and wind as much as you can!



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