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The Gloves are off!!…..

Manicure It has come to my attention that there is something unusual about the weather at the moment.  No, not the cold, bitter feeling that you get when you step outside to go to work at some ungodly hour, or the sad news of the storms happening in America.  The thing I refer to is yellow, bright, requires an application of glasses on one's face and can often be found surrounded by blue sky! Yes, of course, the thing I refer to is the sunshine! This can only mean one thing - Spring is finally around the corner and the smell

#Selfie or not to #Selfie….that is the Question

When I first started writing this blog, 18 months or so ago I didn't really know where to start, what I was doing or how best to go about it. Nor did I ever, ever expect to write about the story I'm about to tell you today. But it is one I am immensely proud of and what’s more is a hot topic of conversation in the beauty world at the moment, therefore I feel it is only my duty and immense pride to share it. For the full story please check out the following link in the Lancaster Guardian

Make you Mother’s Mother’s Day!

I was pondering over breakfast this morning as to what I should write my next blog on – I even asked my Mum what she thought – and then it came to me. There is simply nothing more meaningful and special as the very woman who was sat in front of me – and in light of Mother's Day being just around the corner, I thought I would dedicate today's blog to my favourite and mopst treasured woman in my life ever – that being my fabulous, brilliant wonderful mother. Oh – and whilst I'm at it I thought I

How Perfume can speak volumes….not just in the bottle!

You know when you wake up in a morning - do you, like me, reach for the very first scent that your half blearly vision can see, reassured in the knowledge that you will at least be smelling of something other than fresh air for the day ahead - or, do you actually think about what message you want to give off and choose your scent accordingly?  Yes, that's right - it isn't just indulgences like tea and coffee, or zodiac signs that determine what kind of girl (or boy!) that you are - oh no.  Welcome to a whole