How Perfume can speak volumes….not just in the bottle!

You know when you wake up in a morning – do you, like me, reach for the very first scent that your half blearly vision can see, reassured in the knowledge that you will at least be smelling of something other than fresh air for the day ahead – or, do you actually think about what message you want to give off and choose your scent accordingly?  Yes, that’s right – it isn’t just indulgences like tea and coffee, or zodiac signs that determine what kind of girl (or boy!) that you are – oh no.  Welcome to a whole new world of cryptic clues.

It all started way back when, notably in the 1950s when perfume grew in popularity as a post war luxury and many perfumes spoke the message of feminine sexuality, a subversive message that was only socially acceptable to be spoken subliminally and invisibly, in perfume.  In the 1980s fragrances such as Giorgio and Christian Dior’s Poison shouted their messages whilst women were told their perfume shouldn’t be too strong or loud. “If you want to capture someone’s attention,” it advised, “whisper.”


Perfumes still “say” things, of course, but in an era where women (and men) are offered upwards of 1,000 new fragrances a year to choose from, most people express different things with their perfumes, depending on their moods, the event they’re going to, what they’re wearing, or whatever they happen to grab on their dressers. Are these subliminal messages really an eternal, “essential” truth about the wearer? Some say yes, others disagree, saying that nowadays perfume can be applied and taken off as easily as a a pair of Jimmy Choos or a Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner.

Here are some of the most popular perfume families — and what they apparently say about you to others :

Citrus/Marine/Ozonic (i.e. “clean”)

You probably carry hand sanitizer in your purse and consider organizing the contents of your purse as one of your hobbies. No-nonsense, unsentimental, and efficient, you are the leader of the pack, and probably prefer a pair of brogues to Louboutin blood-red-heeled stillettos.

Suggested Scent : CK One


You like baking cookies, hand-writing thank you notes, and the idea of true love. You are a mix of introverted and extroverted. You project a conventional femininity that some would describe as “classic.”  To you, perfume means “flowers,” and you don’t see any need to question what has worked for millennia.

Suggested Scent : DKNY Pure DKNY Verbena Eau de Parfum

Fruity and Fruity-Florals

Bubbly, flirty, and fun, you don’t take anything too seriously, and you’re the person people invite to their cocktail parties to get the festivities going. You’re open and friendly.

Suggested Scent : Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette


You are romantic and seductive. After all, you want to smell like vanilla, chocolate, praline, and cotton candy — things someone could take a big bite out of. Generous and larger than life, you’re not sure why someone would decorate her apartment in an all-beige color scheme when purple leopard-spotted wallpaper is available. In spite of the va-va-va-voom quality of the fragrances you like, you are also a comfort seeker. You probably own a hidden pair of jeggings you wear underneath your Snuggie on cold nights on the couch while eating bonbons.

Suggested Scent : Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Malt


Like the gourmand lover, you prefer perfumes that contain sweet notes of vanilla and amber, but they also need dark and mysterious notes such as frankincense and myrrh. Romantic and sensitive, you live in your own world, or at least do your best to make the one you’re in conform to your dreams. Some might describe you as “intense,” others a “drama queen.” When your perfume contains the “tears” or resins that “weep” from the barks of trees when they’re wounded, as labdanum and balsams do, what do they expect?

Suggested Scent : Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb Eau De Toilette

Mossy and Woody

You may be living in the 21st century, but you’re what some might have described in the past as a “dame,” and maybe even a “dame with moxie.” Like the girl below, no one is going to find you sipping on an Appletini or wearing pink. More than likely, you’ll be the one drinking a bitter espresso in the corner café reading War & Peace, or the Lord of The Rings trilogy — for fun. On a sunny Saturday afternoon. You’re probably a Scorpio.

Suggested Scent : Aramis Aramis Aftershave Splash


Voted in high school “most likely to grow up to be an international spy,” your platonic ideal of a good night out is donning your vintage Yves Saint Laurent “Le Smoking” suit, drinking single-malt scotch neat at a dingy bar with a mysterious stranger you just bumped into, and getting better acquainted with him / her well into the early hours of the morning.  Oh – all on a school night too.  Naughty.

Suggested Scent : Antonio Puig Quorum Aftershave

Sooooo – which one are you??  As a perfume addict – it is going to take me quite a while to work out which one I am from my 40 strong bottles of perfume!  Are the descriptions accurate?  Let me know!

Have a lovely week and hopefully enjoy the sunshine!

Lots of love



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