Make you Mother’s Mother’s Day!

I was pondering over breakfast this morning as to what I should write my next blog on – I even asked my Mum what she thought – and then it came to me. There is simply nothing more meaningful and special as the very woman who was sat in front of me – and in light of Mother’s Day being just around the corner, I thought I would dedicate today’s blog to my favourite and mopst treasured woman in my life ever – that being my fabulous, brilliant wonderful mother. Oh – and whilst I’m at it I thought I would give you a few suggestions about what gifts you can buy to earn those always needed brownie points! 🙂

So this is my Mum. There are no words to describe just how fabulous she is. Don’t get me wrong – I haven’t always been so appreciative – in fact I would probably argue that as I have got older it has developed more, with a few life events to help progress along the way. I’m sure it was the same for her as apparently I didn’t sleep through the whole night until I was over 3 years old – ouch. I still get annoyed by how right she always has to be, how matter of fact everything is and how our tastes are so different and although I think I know best I often don’t. But as a wise man told me yesterday as I once again got frustrated – that is what Mum’s are for.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

They do so so much that no one else does. They give unconditionally. They love, they provide, they make things easier, they make things happen, they often persuade Dad, they generally provide a loving, safe, warm environment for a happy, healthy, fabulous upbringing. I have more reason than most to appreciate my Mum – last year I went through a nightmare of health problems – one dark cloud after the other. Thankfully at the ripe old age of 30 the future is much brighter, clearer and optimistic but my Mum stodd by me through every moment. It must have been heartbreaking to watch her little girl fall apart and help to piece her back together. Through every appointment, scan and was there when I woke up. From the bottom of my heart Mamma I thank you, words will never explain what you mean to me.

So, that was my little ode to Ma, what about you lovely lot? What are YOU planning on doing for the one and only special lady in your life? Oooooh don’t tell my Ma (but she does kinda already know) but we (my lovely brother & I along with our better halves) are sending her to watch Il Divo – good ay?? I might even tag along. Alas, whilst here at Perfume Click we don’t sell Il Divo tickets – I wish we did – we do have LOADS of gift and present ideas for that mega brownie point earning opportunity day that is Sunday 30th March 2014!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Now comes the scientific part – exactly what kind of Mum do you have??

  • Perfectionist mother

Typically, an over-controlling, fearful and anxious woman for whom appearance is everything – what is a more perfect present idea for Mother’s Day than the creme de la creme of day and night creams?  We have lots to choose from in our skincare range but you can’t go wrong with Decleor Hydra Flora Multi-Protection 24 hr Moisture Activator Rich Cream or if you’re feeling particularly flush, how about Shiseido Future Solution LX Daytime Protective Cream or the superb Carita Beauty Diamond Anti-Ageing Precious Cream for a bargain £188.45?!

  • Unpredictable mother

With a parenting style that is based purely on mood, this type of mother is definitely a perfect targer for the sensuous smells that are offered in our vast perfume and fragrance range.  Whether she is a vibrant, fresh, spritzy kind of Ma who would love something like a DKNY Women Energising Eau de Parfum spray , or if she more a raver rather than a behaver, how about something sultry and enticing like Marc Jacobs Lola – or does she perhaps prefer a taste of the exotic?  Why not treat your Mum to a holiday in a bottle with a fragrance such as Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Summer 2013, which will make her smile with sunshine and happeness the whole day through.

  • The best friend mother

She enjoys treating her children as equals in order to avoid the responsibility of setting boundaries.  So if this sounds like your mum then why not treat her for once to something luxurious from our bath & body range, so that you can help to take the stress of the day away.  How about Style & Grace Spa Relax & Unwind Bath Gift Set, which includes 3 full sized bottles for a true bargain of £6.25 – or if you’re wanting something a little more upmarket then allow me to suggest Worth Je Reviens Couture Bath Milk, currently with a huge 25% saving!

  • The me-first mother

Their offspring will learn from an early age that their role is to make their mother shine – what better opportunity to do that than by giving a beautiful cosmetic set for Mother’s Day with just a mere click of your fingers.  I can’t promise miracles I’m afraid – but I can tell you that we sell LOADS of the leading cosmetic brands such as Max Factor, Rimmel, OPI, Decleor, Lancome, Clinique and Maybelline – and so the list goes on!  If you’re stuck for inspiration then why not literally make your mum shine with a bottle of Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray, or how about something from our stunning haircare range for curly, straight or coloured hair.

  • The complete mother

The complete mother combines the best elements of the other four styles – luckily for you we have even more gift ideas for you to choose from with hundreds of products available in our extensive 6 different ranges – so whether you want to shower your mum with luxury from our bath & body range, bring a bit of sunshine into her like with something from our suncare & tanning range,  or pamper her with a little bit of luxury and a lot of love from our perfume, skincare, haircare or cosmetic range.

There you have it – after reading this you are overstocked wiuth information and simply spoilt for choice, right?? You know what though, I think all these gift ideas are brilliant – but – if your mum is like mine, she’ll be just as happy with you being nice, a bit of TLC and a lot of loving cuddles – so make sure you do that at the very least.  And if you don’t normally, then start! Life is too short!

Lots of loving cuddles




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