The Holidays are Coming…

After my blog last week entitled ‘The Gloves are Off‘ it got me thinking about how various areas need looking after, not just your hands and there is no better time to start than the first day of british summertime! Oh ok, the first week then – there are no excuses left – the weather is getting warmer, the nights are getting longer, therefore the trainers need dusting off!  Are you one of the lucky ones who are jetting off to warmer, sunnier, tropical climates in the next few months?  Whether you are or not, now is the perfect time to think about prepping your body into perfection (or as near as possible!), just in time for summer!

Sunkissed Skin

If this last weekend is anything to go by, there is never any advance warning for when those shorts might be required, the legs slowly unfurl into the bright light of the summer sun and arms reluctantly throw on a vest top, waiting for the jumper to go on top but then realising in horror that there is no such next step.  Does this sound all too familiar? Does summer scare you after months of layering up? Well do not fear, even the lightest of skin can get a summer glow without too much hard work or effort.

First step is to exfoliate the skin and get rid of all the dead cells, something like ‘

Lentheric Easy Bronze Pre-tan Moisturising Exfoliator‘ is perfect for the job at a bargain £6.40 for 100ml.

For silky smooth skin, which is a ‘must have for a good basis for fake tan’, find yourself a luxurious bodyscrub and a loofah – using this a few times will ensure your skin is as silky as liquid gold.  Once you have indulged in your body scrub and your skin is clean and dry, you can get cracking with your fake tan.  Start a couple of weeks before ypur holiday to make sure that you build up a decent colour and then use it once a week upon your return to ensure that you keep your colour.

If you want more instant results, try something like ‘St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion‘ that will take you from pasty to golden in a matter of minutes.

Tone Up

Now, unfortunately I cannot promise miracles – if you’re like me then you will be striving to have a derriere like the one pictured to the left but not all of us are that lucky – don’t think for one second though that it means that you can’t do a little bit of hard work to make a big difference to the one that you do have – au contraire! Here is how :……..

First thing first – you must recognise and accept that it takes time, discipline and patience to minimise cellulite, however a daily massage with a cream targeted for these areas can often work wonders, for very little effort.  Creams such as ‘Clarins High Definition Body Lift Lift Minceur Cellulite Control‘ help to reduce cellulite whilst giving those cheeky little buttocks a pert boost at the same time.

Sadly, applying the cream on its own isn’t going to work the magic alone – you also need to be physically active: begin by running a few times a week or go for long walks.  It gets the heart pumping and blood circulating, which helps to remove the waste products as well as tightening your buttocks and toughening the thighs up.

Prepare to Protect

After all the hard work in buffing yourself up, the last thing you want to do is let it go to waste by ending up being a lobster, so be sure to protect your skin.  If you, like most of us Brits, are fair skinned and find it hard to get a good colour, then Riemann P20 is perfect for you. Even those of you who are a natural beauty with the english rose type of skin will benefit from a gorgeous golden glow if they use this sun protection.

Another of my ‘must have’ products is this sunstick from Elizabeth Arden (Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense Targeted Stick).  It can be used on the ears, the nose, the cheeks, the lips.  It is the perfect size to pop into your beach bag and can provide the whole family with great protection on the days that you have forgotten to slap on the sunscreen.

And there you go – follow these steps, fingers crossed you’ll end up looking something like this…….ahem – no guarantees though!

Lots of Love & Kisses, enjoy the Sunshine and take good care of yourselves!



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